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Acid Mothers Temple, The Melting Paraiso UFO

The discography of Acid Mothers Temple is as sprawling as many of the Japanese collective’s epic songs, a seemingly never ending catalogue of live recordings, offshoots, crossovers, EPs, mixtapes and studio albums. 2018 alone saw seven releases from the Mothers’ original project the Melting Paraiso U.F.O. That’s impressive. Since the mid-’90s, AMT founder Kawabata Makoto and his ever-shuffling coterie of collaborators have produced hundreds of mind-expanding instrumentals, implementing static and modulated synths and hurdy-gurdies to wild effect. Watching them create their trippy, psychedelic soundscapes live and in the flesh should be a real treat.

— Nathan Weinbender

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  • The Bartlett

    228 W. Sprague Ave., Spokane Spokane - Downtown

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