Active strains to stretch out before the weather turns

Let's get physical!
Let's get physical!

The days are getting longer, and the snow seems to slowly be getting lower, so why not spark up some high activity strains to get yourself out of the cabin and out doing things? Spring is another three weeks away, but don't be caught lagging when finally it's time to be outside. Here are some strains that can lead to you being active in a gym or yoga studio or when you brave some outside trekking.

Hawaiian Diesel

If you're not all about braving the elements but you still want to remain active, look no further than this sativa strain that will help spur you to be the master of the studio. The energetic and euphoric flower is a great calming agent while not letting you hunker down on the couch. Indulging right before an extensive workout will also allow you to drop off nicely into a relaxing resting point.

Super Silver Haze

Let this be the carrot at the end of stick. Super Silver Haze is a sativa that will galvanize you while you're running on the elliptical or playing pick-up with your mates. The high-energy sativa is uplifting but can bring on paranoia if you overindulge and are in a crowded space. But when you're around your friends or just making goals on a treadmill, the strain is a perfect go-to.


This hybrid is a must for those looking to aid their morning routine of meditation, stretching or yoga. The citrus and pine strain gives a lightweight high that will electrify your motions without leaving any sort of stimulated edginess. Pair this with an active morning routine and you'll be floating the rest of your day.

Ghost Train Haze

This one is for the battle tested. The sativa strain is known to pack a punch and is the perfect pairing for those with cabin fever looking to do a full-day excursion like some snow hiking or snowshoeing. The euphoric and high-energy strain has a citrus front and will leave you tripping your way up the mountain.

Green Crack

Like Ghost Train Haze, this sativa dominant is an uplifting and racy strain that will compel you to brave the elements and get out there. An ideal partner in crime for anybody taking the end of the slopes, Green Crack will stimulate your need to push to further levels. ♦

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