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Blood Drive

Are we living in the end times? Yeah, probably — what are you going to do about it? Rage against the dying of the light and/or the machine? Sorry, neither Dylan Thomas nor Zack de la Rocha are going to save your ass from annihilation.

Here are five apocalyptic TV series to stream while standing by for sweet oblivion:

Blood Drive (Season 1 on and Syfy app)

What makes 2017 Syfy series Blood Drive better than The Cannonball Run? It's a cross-country death race wherein the cars Run! On! Blood! Blood Drive follows ex-cop Arthur (Alan Ritchson) and trigger-happy Grace (Christina Ochoa), forced to partner up in the race across an environmentally ravaged 'Merica in the "distant future" of 1999 (yep), deliriously emceed by homicidal host Julian Slink (Colin Cunningham).

The Strain (Seasons 1-4 on Hulu)

When it premiered in 2014, Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan's FX series The Strain had to face vampire fatigue in the wake of Twilight and True Blood. This was anything but a hunky-vamps show — The Strain's bloodsuckers are creepy. When an international flight full of "dead" passengers lands in New York City, a CDC agent (Corey Stoll) deciphers a grand conspiracy to transform Earth into Planet Vampire, and NYC is ground zero.

Wayward Pines (Seasons 1-2 on Hulu)

In 2015's Wayward Pines, Matt Dillon stars as a Secret Service agent who, after a car crash, winds up in Wayward Pines, a charming Idaho town with no roads or communication out (all the phones are landlines!). Disorienting weirdness and escalating clues that Wayward Pines may be a governmental human terrarium ensue. M. Night Shyamalan nailed season one; don't bother with season two.

Dark Angel (Seasons 1-2 on Amazon)

The series that brought us Jessica Alba, 2000's Dark Angel. Fox laid out truckloads of cash for James Cameron's futuristic dystopia — set in 2009! — and it shows in every frame of the spectacular two-hour pilot episode. An electromagnetic pulse bomb has turned 'Merica into a computer-less mess, and genetically-engineered warrior Max (Alba) is on the lam from the military, undercover as a bike messenger and, of course ... master thief?

Life After People (Seasons 1-2 on and History app)

So, we're gone — what happens to the planet and all the stuff we leave behind? Scientists, engineers and others postulate all manner of crazy in Life After People, a History Channel series that imagines a de-populated Earth. Rats take over Las Vegas! Structures fall apart! Cities flood! Worst of all, solar-powered radio stations broadcast "Hotel California" eternally! Life After People is quite soothing, actually — bring on The End. ♦

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