ATF agents wounded in Grant County, racism rages on in DC, and other headlines


NATION: A Border Patrol agent guarding migrant children describes a desperate scene to ProPublica.


House condemns racist comments
In a near-party-line vote last night, the House condemned President Trump's racist tweets targeting four congresswomen. Few Republicans were on board. (New York Times)

Why were his comments racist, you ask?
"In the 19th century, there were many, many reformers, racial reformers who thought the way to solve the race problem, the Negro problem, was to essentially send back all free blacks [to Africa]. And that started with Thomas Jefferson, his Notes to the State of Virginia which was published in 1787, and went up to Abraham Lincoln," a historian says.

Read more from CBS News here.

MS-13 murders
Over the last couple of years, seven people in the L.A. area were lured to remote locations and then systematically murdered by members of the violent MS-13 gang. Twenty-two of those charged in connection with the murders are in custody. (L.A. Times)

ATF agents wounded
Two ATF agents were wounded in Grant County on Tuesday during a raid. (Associated Press)

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