Avista is still pushing the merger, Gonzaga harbored abusive priests, and other headlines


NEWS: Reveal and Northwest News Network published a bomb-shell investigative report yesterday detailing how Gonzaga University housed numerous retired Jesuit priests who were accused of serial sexual assault and abuse in Alaskan Native and Northwest Indian reservation communities. At least 20 priests accused of abuse cycled through the Cardinal Bea House on the university campus for over three decades.

NATION: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is pushing to legalize recreational marijuana across the state. The plan could bring in between $248 and $677 million in its first year. As such, interest groups are scrambling to line up for a piece of the money flow. (For example, one plan is to funnel some of the revenue to the New York City's beleaguered subway system.)


Gonzaga responds
In letter responding to the damning report detailing the university's accommodation for retired and sexually predatory priests, Gonzaga President Thayne McCulloh says he was disturbed by the findings. He says that he had no knowledge of the record of one priest who stayed on the campus somewhat recently, Rev. James Poole, prior to reading the report. (Poole had admitted under oath that he sexually abused indigenous girls and women in Alaska.) McCulloh also says that the house that the priests stayed at is technically owned by Jesuits West, not Gonzaga. (Spokesman-Review)

'Let us merge'
Avista and the Ontario-based Hydro One, the companies that were seeking a merger but were denied by the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission, are continuing their push by arguing that the state commission exaggerated the political risk of the merger to Avista's customers. (Spokesman-Review)

Removing discrimination protections
The Trump administration is considering walking back policies adopted by the Obama administration that aim to curb disproportionate discipline rates of minority students in public schools. The Obama-era policy advised schools on how to minimize discriminatory discipline and to examine data for racial disparities. (New York Times)

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