by Mike Corrigan

Say hello to the men and women of the local music scene, the ones willing to invest the time and the effort to provide the rest of us poor slobs with entertainment that's fresh, alive and locally grown. Support them as you would any local small business. They're doing it out of love, after all. They're doing it for you.

The goal here is to create an impression of what's happening out there, who's happening out there, and where one might look to satisfy that urge for live local rock, blues, jazz or folk. This document is by no means complete or error-free (as I'm sure we'll discover as soon as we publish). Despite our best efforts, it's inevitable that we will leave someone out. It's nothing personal, really.

Thanks to all the local musicians who found time to yank our chain and once again special thanks go out to for providing us -- as well as the rest of the Inland Northwest -- with a terrific local scene resource. Check them out at

If you're a local musician or group and you're feeling left out, by all means do something about it. Introduce yourself. It's easy. All you have do is call (325-0634 ext. 234). Or e-mail ( Or fax (444-4772).


10 Minutes Down

File under: A reggae, punk and pop cocktail

2 Headed Chang

File under: Metal inspired by fast cars, fast women


File under: Alternative guitar rock

The Agreement

File under: Emo/core


File under: Post-grunge rock


File under: Melodic hardcore


File under: Heavy rock


File under: Emo geek-rock


File under: Pop and rock with an alternative edge

As Ashes Fall

File under: Hardcore metal


File under: Alt rock, reggae


File under: Pop punk


File under: Hard alternative metal

George Bruner & amp; The Burning Gods of Love

File under: Blues-tinged roots rock

Burns Like Hellfire

File under: Silos meet Danzig

Chinese Sky Candy

File under: Complex, melodic rock

Civilized Animal

File under: Ska/funk/reggae


File under: Hard progressive rock

Coney island pilot

File under: Unintelligible screams, fast guitars

Crackerjack Tattoo

File under: Hard rock with a metal edge

The Creeps

File under: Elemental punk rock

The Crescendos

File under: Punk-infused Christian rock


File under: Melodic heavy metal


File under: Punk-surf-wave rock

Currently at the Moment

File under: Bass-driven alternative rock

dancing cadavers

File under: A U.S. version of U.K. rock with Morissey vocals

Deaconess Fatality

File under: Heavy metallic rock

The Dearly Departed

File under: Bluesy, drunken rock

Death Kills Time

File under: Punk/screamo

Dee Farmin Army

File under: Melodic, old-school punk rock 'n' roll


File under: Pop-punk


File under: Hardcore rock


File under: Hardcore


File under: Acoustic alt-rock

Domestic Symphony

File under: Alt-rock with a splash of symphony

Eightfold Path

File under: New, progressive rock


File under: Christian pop/emo

Embers Lost

File under: Hard rock/screamo

Fall Away Facade

File under: Alternative, speed metal

The Federales

File under: Old-school punk with humor

Five Foot Thick

File under: Metal in the rap/core vein


File under: Hard alternative

for years blue

File under: Rock 'n' roll, emo

Girls with Moustaches

File under: Punk, nursing home blues

Gorilla & amp; Rabbit

File under: Cheap Trick in a mine field

Half Inch Head

File under: Trash culture-inspired hardcore

Hidden Intent

File under: Progressive heavy metal

Hijacked Royalty

File under: New wave pop power punk rock

Honest Abe

File under: Thrash punk

Horrible Disaster

File under: Unpretentious punk with tradition

Illusion 33

File under: Funk, reggae, Latin, jazz, punk, and metal


File under: Alternative hard rock

Jupiter Effect

File under: Alternative jazz funk rock

The Khind

File under: Hardcore grind


File under: Alt-prog rock


File under: Weirdo deathmetal grindcore

Lucia's Gray Dot

File under: Emo/jazz/classical/goth


File under: Riff-heavy rock

The Makers

File under: Primal garage rock filtered through the Kinks


File under: Melodic to screaming metal


File under: Hard rock candy


File under: Nu-metal

Means To An End

File under: Emopunkcore


File under: Progressive acoustic rock and punk

Mourning After

File under: Rock


File under: Song-oriented, mature pop

Municipal Source

File under: Gonzo punk rock

my buddy sean's Band

File under: Tool-wannabe metalheads

Nate Schierman Band

File under: Alternative rock


File under: Tribal hardcore

Optimus Prime

File under: Metal

The Panics

File under: Adult alt-rock, alt-country


File under: Punk-pop-emo


File under: Grinding metal with classical

peace without silence

File under: Punk-infused garage rock

Permagrin Zoo

File under: Rockadelic bluesfunk

Psyben Trip

File under: Metal, hip-hop

Raggs and Bush Doktor

File under: Authentic reggae

Rebecca's Tragedy

File under: Grunge-punk


File under: Heavy melodic rock


File under: Muzak for the metal masses

Ronnie James Trio

File under: Rock, metal, punk

Room Zero

File under: Heavy alt rock


File under: Metal


File under: Death metal

Satan in Yellow

File under: Karaoke from hell


File under: Old-school punk/thrash


File under: Hardcore metal


File under: Punk/alternative rock

Seven Cycles

File under: Melodic nu-metal

The Shirkers

File under: Punk. In diapers.


File under: Asscore

Side project

File under: Delicate, piano-infused songs


File under: Pop/rock

Six State Bender

File under: Countrified, metallicized punk rock

The Skinny

File under: Modern alt-pop and punk


File under: Progressive rock


File under: Alt-acoustic rock

Soundless Vow

File under: Melodic hardcore


File under: Experimental prog rock


File under: All-American death 'n' roll


File under: Ska with funk influences


File under: Arena rock

Trailer Park Girls

File under: Satirical boomer pop

united effect

File under: Punk vocals, metal guitars, emo lyrics


File under: Soul rock

Vertigo Bliss

File under: Swirly, guitar-based alternative rock

Victory Lap

File Under: Power pop

V. Velella

File Under: Synth + guitar deep space instrumentals


File under: Punk to surf to dork

War by the Day

File under: Hardcore


File Under: Sounds like ice melting

Larren Wolford

File under: Emo/indie rock

The Working Spliffs

File under: Reggae and ska

World Exempt

File under: Fast punk, alternative

Others: A Hollywood Legend * Awesome Miami * Curiosity Shop * Dead Ones * Fishkill * Ground Zero * Kevin * Last Nerve * Overture * Purejoy * The Reign * Renew * Rise and Fall of the Camera Flash Kiss * Selfles * Skyfade * Solidify * Sonnet * Soulkore * Thorin * Vicious Cycle * Wide Eyed Wonder


Aaron Richner Band

File under: Electric blues a la Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Buddy Guy

Blue Tattoo

File under: Blues rock

Paul Brasch

File under: Acoustic delta blues

Bryan Warhall and King Bee

File under: Southern blues

Caf & eacute; Blue

File under: R & amp;B with a funky city sound

The Carcinogens

File under: Blues rock, delta blues

Carl Rey and the Blues Gators

File under: Swingin' jump-style blues

Case Closed

File under: Acoustic blues, folk, and jazz

Charlie Butts & amp; The Filtertips

File under: Rhythm and blues dance band

Pat Coast Band

File under: Electric blues

D.B. Cooper

File under: Electric blues


File under: Blues, rock and alternative

Publication date: 02/05/04

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