Bars in Spokane Valley

Twenty-six bars, taverns and lounges from Ambrosia to Yardley

EDITOR'S NOTE: Our focus here was on bars that have opened since our last guide two years ago, as well as on great older bars we didn’t cover last time (like Italian Kitchen, Fizzie Mulligan’s and Scoreboard). Then we tackled as many other dives, lounges and distilleries as our wallets and livers could afford. Naturally, we probably missed your favorite place. And we totally short-changed a couple of neighborhoods. But we will live to drink — and report back — another day. Until then, hoist a glass to those who keep us all in the suds. Cheers — Joel Smith, Section Editor

9921 E. Montgomery Ave. | 928-3222
An urban restaurant in a suburban setting, Ambrosia brings a downtown feel to Spokane Valley, offering an eclectic food menu with lots of wine and drink selections. (NJ) STYLE: Classy bistro HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Fri 4-6 pm, all day Saturday

116 S. Best Rd. | 891-8995
Like a lot of bars in Spokane Valley, this appears to be your usual neighborhood joint. Giant TVs loom above the pool tables. (Wouldn’t be a Valley bar without them.) The big difference, though, is the full menu. Go on the weekends for waffles with gravy and a pint. (TLM) STYLE: Sports bar HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Fri 3:30-7 pm

13921 E. Trent Ave. | 892-7879
Fairly standard NASCAR exterior (checkered flag motif) conceals… well, a NASCAR bar. But mixed with cozy dive elements — a weekday bartender who resembles Charlie Daniels, the honest-to-God stiffest scotch and soda we’ve ever had — and club elements including a bona fide stage with frequent live music and “101 shotz” to order. Try No. 57, the Mexican Leprechaun.  (LB) STYLE: NASCAR/dive/club HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Fri 3-7 pm

12525 E. Sprague  | 926-0293
The jukebox says it all. With classic rock and country dominating the disc space, it’s clear that this is one of the multitude of neighborhood bars that dominate the Spokane Valley. The clientele stay pretty quiet, so come here for a relaxing evening to watch the game on one of many TVs. (TLM) STYLE: Neighborhood bar HAPPY HOUR: Daily 3-7 pm

8714 E. Sprague | 927-0966
This place is a hit-or-miss adventure. A sign in the window explicitly states the Bronco pretty much opens at whim, or when there are headliners showing next door at Déj Vu. We visited twice. It was closed both times. Good luck. (BT) STYLE: Dive

8120 E. Sprague | 928-8600
Open at 6:30 am, Charlie P’s is cozy, clean and moderately sized, with comfy booths and a warm, equatorial wind that heats your feet from an unknown source. Great for getting slap-happy drunk and noshing on a delectable selection of comfort food. (BT) STYLE: Sports bar HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Fri 4-7 pm

2208 N. Park Rd. | 922-6634
Punk college kids with the wrong attitude might get beat up if they tick off the wrong person at this Harley hangout. The venue is rustic on the outside, yet boasts a surprisingly edgy and aesthetically appealing interior — distressed and woodsy. There’s also a peanut machine, darts, pool, foosball and High Life on tap. (BT) STYLE: Sports/dive bar HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Fri 1-5 pm

18221 E. Corbin Rd. |  924-6762
Premature jocularity may lead one to write off Cum Inn for its name alone, but those that give it a shot (instead of pulling out) will find loads of charm inside. Small, clean and comfortably lit, it feels like having a drink at the home of a well-stocked friend, with tidy clutter behind the bar, picnic fare munchies and cheap beer ($1.75 PBR!!!). (CD) STYLE: Dive

12124 E. Sprague | 926-9640
With wood-panel walls and old diner chairs, this place isn’t fancified, but the food is good, portions are large, and prices are dirt-cheap. (JF) STYLE: Pub Grub HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Fri 2 -4 pm

4824 E. Sprague | 533-9001
Without a doubt the brightest Asian restaurant lounge we’ve ever been in, Dragon Garden is huge and has a gorgeous, panoramic view of East Sprague. The interior feels a bit spartan, especially when everyone else has left the bar (bartender included), though the indoor-outdoor carpet is well maintained and gives the feel of a Ramada mezzanine. (LB) STYLE: Asian restaurant lounge HAPPY HOUR: Daily 1-7 pm

9214 E. Mission Ave. | 928-1070
If you’re in the Valley and not going to the unbelievably hot lounge at Mirabeau Park Hotel, this is your next-best bet. Plenty of space to dance, and the fish tanks magically transform into a mood-inducer after a few shots off the cheap wells. (TLM) STYLE: Sports bar HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Fri 5-6 pm

20 N. Raymond Rd. | 893-3667
Hotteez’s fervent desire to entertain is on par with its blatant disregard for proper spelling. Smack dab in the center of a Valley strip mall, Hotteez — with its near-full spectrum of bar games and bright, shiny things — is a neon oasis for the drunkard with a short attention span. Despite the anemic, one-tap beer selection. it’s awesome. (CD) STYLE: Nightclub HAPPY HOUR: Daily, 4-7 pm

12116 E. Sprague Ave. | 922-8801
As Spokane’s self-proclaimed classiest dive bar, there’s always cheap booze and a good time at Ichabod’s. (NJ) STYLE: Dive HAPPY HOUR: Daily 4-7 pm and 10-11 pm

13524 E. Sprague | 893-8884
The definition of a NASCAR bar, the Last Lap uses engine hoods as art. Check out the poolroom, where you can hear Patsy Cline coming out of the karaoke machine up front and the J. Geils Band from the kitchen. (LB) STYLE: NASCAR bar HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Fri 2-6 pm, Sat 2-4 pm, Sun draft beer only

1100 N. Sullivan Rd. | 922-6252
It is a hotel bar, but as they go, it’s a good one. In addition, it has an excellent happy hour and local entertainment every Friday and Saturday. (NJ)  STYLE: Hotel bar HAPPY HOUR: Daily 3-6 pm and 9 pm-close

9614 E. Sprague Ave. | 891-8357
For beginner or novice pool players, McQ’s is the place to come. The place has about 24 tables where players can practice their craft. (NJ)  STYLE: Sports bar HAPPY HOUR: Tue-Thu 4 pm-close

21 S. Dishman Rd. | 928-9771
Owned by an adjacent dealership, Mike’s is fitted with cushy Hyundai bar stools. It looks like a hard-knock dive, but the service is attentive and gracious. (The bathrooms also smell amazing.) “Most of the goofies stay out because it’s a clean, good place and I’m a hard-ass,” says the house manager. (BT) STYLE: Karaoke/sports/dive bar

10605 E. Sprague | 893-2309
All the young gents and ladies of Spokane Valley hang out at this bar. If you manage to avoid the id-driven stares, head over to the classic King Kong games to play a few rounds while you throw back beers. (TLM) STYLE: Sports bar

14913 E. Trent Ave. | 928-5153
Looks like a roadhouse, but the bartender called everyone “honey” and the TVs were tuned to MSNBC, which gave the whole place a casual, friendly, blue-collar-though-bi-partisan vibe. The $10 minimum on debit card purchases is surprisingly tough to reach, as the drinks are cheap and the pours are stiff.  (LB) STYLE: NASCAR bar HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Fri 3-6 pm

11723 E. Sprague Ave. | 924-2578
The menu here is similar to the downtown O’Doherty’s, with the addition of barbecue dishes. And of course there’s lots of Guinness. (AC) STYLE: Irish pub/sports bar

205 N. Sullivan Rd.
Scotty’s is a place where the customers’ participation is encouraged, whether it’s pool, volleyball, horseshoes or dodgeball (seriously!). (DN) STYLE: Sports

6520 E. Trent Ave. | 534-4061
When you see a sign that says, “Home of the Bobcat Slap,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Yeah — us, too. But it’s actually a shot. And surprisingly delicious, considering it’s made of cinnamon whiskey, Apple Pucker and pineapple juice. Throw down a few before playing Golden Tee. (LB) STYLE: NASCAR/sports bar HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Fri 2-6 pm for booze, 4-6 pm for beer

11113 E. Dishman-Mica Rd. | 922-0629
“Pour House” — a clever and accurate play on both the prices and the patrons. Pitchers are big, prices are cheap, and the people are the salt of the earth. This is a place to get cultured, as the patrons seem more than comfortable discussing the pros and cons of the world’s various races and religions. (LB) STYLE: Dive 

8721 E. Trent Ave. | 891-0564
Trent ‘n’ Dale is one of those places that doesn’t look like much on the outside, but looks like a helluva lot of fun on the inside. (DN) STYLE: Neighborhood pub

14742 E. Indiana Ave. | 893-8057
If you’re perusing the Valley Mall area and want to go somewhere with a Chili’s-like atmosphere, check out Winger’s. Credit to its name, the wings here are fantastic (get the original sauce) and the staff is genuinely charismatic. Plus, they have $1 shooters most days. (BT) STYLE: Sports/casual HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Fri 2-5 pm and 9 pm-close, Sat-Sun, 9 pm-close.

1302 N. Stanley Rd. | 533-0011
In a part of town you’d consider “mixed industrial” (and only “mixed” because the Yardley is there), the front door here asks kindly, “Please don’t let the cat in the bar.” We can see why the cat wants in: pull tabs, cheap Kokanee, chicken gizzards cooked to order, and a garage sale table. (LB) STYLE: Dive HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Fri 4-7 pm


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