I Saw You

Week of Dec. 29, 2017

Bearded guy at Shopko Waited in line with you and I commented on your girlie bow and arrows. You bought another item that was more you. I should've stuck around longer, but I was in a big hurry. You certainly were adorable!

Blue-eyed beauty at bus with injury Me with headphones and witty banter (among my tattoos) you with blonde hair and the most amazing blue eyes. Sadly we met during an injury but I can't help but say the I would love to take you to coffee sometime.

Driving your Madrepearle Alfa Romeo 4C Spider your blue-grey eyes filled with joy and wonderment; heard you laughing as you let the gentle rain fall on your face; watched you smile with delight as you caught snowflakes on your tongue and made snow angels; heard you gracefully playing the piano as you melodiously sang my favorite Christmas song, 'O, Holy Night'. I watched as you grew up to become an entrepreneur; a great husband; a wonderful father; a generous spirit; a cheerful giver. Then I awakened from this dream that would have been your life. But it was never meant to be as you came to your father and I one night and informed us that you had been talking to the rest of the family and it would be better if you never saw the light of day. You knew either you or me would lose our life so you gave the ultimate sacrifice of losing your life so I could live. Then you returned to your Heavenly family but promised to return to me in dreams. You also promised us that we would see fragments of you in every person who crossed our path. You have held on to that promise. And last night, beneath the starry night, I finally got my wish: a dance with you. Can I please stay awake in this dream just for today?

It all started with a picture of your eye on Myspace... Esme, I have wanted to write this a million times. I fell in love with you from the first time we met and when you told me you usually get tired of a guy, I always tried to do my best tyo not let it happen with me. I loved to make you laugh by saying and doing stupid stuff. I would make you laugh so hard when we were walking, you'd have to stop. I loved that. You said that I ruined your life and I can't stop hearing that. I am truly sorry it ended the way it did. I should have just been a man and told you how I felt. I never wanted to hurt you, but ended up hurting you in the worst way and I can never forget, or forgive myself for what I did. I impacted your life as well as mine and both of us lost. You did what you needed to do and I realize that. I have no hard feelings for you or what happened, it's done. But I will always miss you and love you. I care for you and am sad I couldn't make you happy. If I never loved you like you said, why am I so sad, even to this day almost a year after we parted the way we did. I think about you all the time. I miss you and I hope all is well for you and the cats are well. I could go on and on, but I just want you to know I wish you only the best. I'll miss you forever. M

My Hero 12/20 You saw me shoveling the berm blocking my driveway around 6:15 pm. You turned around and cleared it immediately. I am so grateful that you were driving by and helped me out. Many thanks to you! Merry Christmas!

To Nicolas from Lithia Alfa Romeo I should have thanked you months ago for allowing me to sit in my dream car, the AR 4C, even though you knew it would never be possible for me to drive one due to my limited vision. So I am thanking you now. So THANK YOU! That was one of the best and greatest highlights of my entire life! Buone Vacanze!

SOLO BURGER SLINGER To the woman working the evening of 12/21 at the Division Burger King ALL BY HERSELF, you were killin' it! You had a super long line and you slammed those orders out like a champ and with a smile! Food service workers get flak all the time, so hopefully this brightens your day. Happy Holidays!

Shadow Pryncezz with the loving, beautiful heart. I'm so glad I reached out to you. You are so caring, loving and accepting of me just the way I am. You have such a beautiful heart with love in it for someone like me; someone who has struggled throughout the years and is still working to make things better. You are always offering encouragement and are always there whenever I need you. You said one time you didn't have a lot to offer, but you could give me acceptance and unconditional love. Believe me, that is A LOT to offer, and I thank you for sharing that with me. You are the closest to family I have ever had. I cannot thank you enough for everything: the presents, the assistance, the listening ear but most of all, the acceptance and unconditional love for that's what I need more than anything else. You ARE a princess!

Thanks a million To the awesome couple that helped tow my broke down Explorer up and off the Sunset Hwy on the coldest night so far & right after the snow fellin your tiny gold Grand am. I can't THANK YOU enough There is no telling what may have happened, had you of not rescued us. You are the gold in the Grand and we too will somehow pay this good deed forward.

Unsung Heroes Cheers to all the hardworking snowplow drivers who have to work long hours in difficult conditions,working around cars left on the wrong side of the street by lazy/and or/ or stupid residents. Plus, having to deal with the occasional unexpected idiots, too (see below).

Xmas Fun @Northern Quest Not sure if recalled how to play "craps", I stood by the table to watch first. The staff & the players were having a lot of laughs so I thru some money on the table and had the best Xmas afternoon in a very long time. The great looking guy on my left, who was so helpful w/my betting choices, & the stickman & base dealers (looked up their titles LOL) who also gave friendly help w/confidence that all of the players were being treated fairly. Loved the only male stickman, so cute! Came away with some winnings and a big smile. Thanks from the lady wearing red.

U r such a blessing to everybody! To my so wonderful friends whom took me under ur wings once again, when I was at a very low point of my life. U have let me stay in ur home again and haved helped me in so many ways. Bless all ur hearts. U can not even begin to fathem just how very much I appreciate and love u ladies for all u do for me and all our crazy other friends. There will come a time again sometime in the future that I will be able to begin to pay u back. I love u two ladies almost as much as we luv that vodka. Lol.

Scooby Doo, I love you You are the Peter to my Liner, the Grande to my Prime, the Bob to my Barker... Our crazies match. We know each other's deepest, darkest secrets. You are my best friend, the love of my life. We are meant for each other, and deep down you know it. So why keep trying to deny the inevitable? I love you, always forever.

Infantile High School Punks We finally got our first residential street snowplowing out in Shadle Park on Dec. 26, only to have it impeded by four jerks who thought it would be fun to toss garbage carts out into the street ahead of the approaching plows. Can't you find a better way to spend your school vacation than to endanger hard working city employees and irritate your neighbors?

Jeers to the Engineers Jeers to the engineers who designed the "West Rowan Avenue Speedway" for including bicycle lanes that block more than 90 homes from street parking. These homes were built in the 40's and 50's some with and some without a single garage per house. With most families driving 2, 3 or 4 vehicles, it's hard to find room for them. This makes it tough to have large family gatherings on holidays without making family and friend park at least 1 block or more away and walk to their houses. When I was working I rode my bike often without separate lanes for bikes as I enjoyed taking a different route each workday just to see the neighborhood. What can be done to reverse this engineering parking nightmare? ♦

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