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Best Appetizers

Best Appetizers


With four locations across the Spokane area, it's more than the sleek décor that has people coming back time and again — the appetizers are a huge part of it too. Inlander reader Connie Sagona says she can't get enough of the butternut squash flatbread. "It's a mix of some of my favorite flavors," she says. "It's a warm and cozy mix of fall/winter flavors and is easy to share." With more than 10 items to choose from on the appetizer list, there really is something for everyone. (LJ)

2nd PLACE: P.F. Chang's; 3rd PLACE: Zola

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  • Twigs Bistro

    4320 S. Regal St., Spokane Spokane - South


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  • Twigs Bistro

    808 W. Main Ave., Spokane Spokane - Downtown


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