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To the Algonquins of pre-colonial New England, wampum was a medium of both exchange and jewelry. Disks and tubes, painstakingly carved out of coastal mollusks, were traded for goods and prized as adornment. To the arts organizations of Spokane, Wampum is a similar medium, providing necessary funds and giving elegantly dressed denizens of the Inland Northwest a chance to don black ties and gowns for a good cause. Last year's event at the Ag-Trade Center was by all accounts a fine way to spend an evening, but of even greater significance is the fact that Wampum, now in its 34th year, has distributed more than $3 million to area arts organizations literally from A (Allegro) to Z (Zephyr). The next Wampum event is the Island Paradise Gala Auction, scheduled for April 27. Get your tuxes and checkbooks ready!

2nd: Chocolate and Champagne Gala; 3rd: The MS Walk

Resale Trail @ Spokane

Through Dec. 3
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