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Can you say, play it again, Sam? People love Luigi's. They love the Olive Garden and the Italian Kitchen, too. But my God, do they love Luigi's. And so do we. Most businesses that close for two years (like Luigi's did after a devastating fire in 1998) stay closed. But the owners, the employees and, most significantly, Spokane's Italian food connoisseurs wouldn't hear of it. In the restaurant's first year back, it came out on top in our poll. This year, it put even more distance between itself and the competition. Al dente indeed!

Luigi's earthly delights (such as the Sicilian Linguine), as wonderfully savory as they are, stay with you only so long. What makes an even more lasting impression is the restaurant's great service. And here as well, Inlander readers have proclaimed their eternal love.

Italian 2nd: Olive Garden; 3rd: The Italian Kitchen

Service 2nd: (tie) Clinkerdagger, The Onion

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