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Following Anna Senchenko's @spokaneplayground on Instagram means never running out of things to do.

Spokane is a playground, and Anna Senchenko is happy to be your guide.

"You can do something every day and still not see the full Spokane because there is so much to offer," says Senchenko, who runs the local Instagram page and blog Spokane Playground.

Senchenko started Spokane Playground because she was tired of hearing that there's nothing to do in Spokane.

"If you'd get out of the house, there is plenty to do!" she says.

She started the account in April 2016 and began posting about her favorite hikes, dinner spots, and activities with her kids.

"People just loved it," Senchenko says. Since then, Spokane Playground has amassed 23,500 followers.

Spokane Playground features mostly restaurants and bars, but also activities like staying at the Historic Davenport Hotel. Senchenko's feed showcases beautiful photos of coffee, sweet treats and savory entrees from places all over the Inland Northwest region, and not just Spokane. Senchenko's favorite subjects to post about are, of course, the area's newest food and drink spots.

Followers of Spokane Playground shouldn't run out of things to do.

"I feel like if someone had no plans for the day or weekend, they could hop on my page and find something to do in town," Senchenko says.

While it's easy to mindlessly scroll through Instagram and not realize the work that goes on behind the scenes, Senchenko runs the account all while working a full-time job. As such, she appreciates the community for recognizing her efforts and taking the time to vote for Spokane Playground.

Senchenko is excited to continue exploring and sharing all the nooks and crannies of Spokane and beyond.

"I am just going to continue loving the community, supporting the community and showing off everything that Spokane has to offer."

2nd PLACE: @spokaneeats
3rd PLACE: @spokane.guild

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