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There's always a hot new nightspot somewhere, but many voters opted instead to vote for simply a hot nightspot. With past winners like the Blue Spark still garnering significant support, we had to institute a two-year rule. If a place has been around two years or less, we'll call it new. While we agree that places like the Ram, the Cotton Club and the Satellite are, indeed, hot nightspots, they are by no means new. Far West Billiards, on the other hand, won third place in this category last year, but we think it's still new enough to compete this year.

This year's choice takes us out to the Valley, where Hotteez is perched just across from U-City. With live music on weekends, deejays the rest of the time and no shortage of drink specials and live radio remotes, Hotteez is the "it" place of the moment.

2nd: Far West Billiards; 3rd: (tie) The Blue Note and Quinn's

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