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Best of the Inland Northwest Reader's Choice - Booze

Best Winery

Arbor Crest

"I particularly like that that their wines are consistently good, especially their Pinot Grigio. But the major reason is that I absolutely love their facility — I love the view, I love their concerts in the summer. It's just a wonderful place to be." — Karolyn C.

2nd: Latah Creek; 3rd: Caterina Winery; North Idaho Best: Pend Oreille Winery

Best Beer Selection

The Viking

"If I could bring my baby inside, I would live there." — Josh M.

2nd: The Elk; 3rd: Northern Lights; North Idaho Best: Coeur d'Alene Brewing Co.

Best Wine Bar


"Pauline [Niko's sommelier extraordinaire] always knows what varieties to recommend, and she is right every time." — Rosemary P.

2nd: Vino!; 3rd: The Wine Cellar, CdA

Best New Nightspot and Best Exotic Drinks


"Classy, fun, late-night martini bar. Comfy, too!" — Tom B.

Best New Nightspot 2nd: Bluefish; 3rd: Bluz at the Bend

Best Exotic Drinks 2nd: The Peacock Room at the Davenport; 3rd: Twig's; North Idaho Best: The Iron Horse

Best Bartender

Steve Strange, the Onion, the Blue Spark

"The man is a walking bar encyclopedia. A supreme bartender, and he definitely deserves credit." — Andrew W.

2nd: Ray Ray, the Blvd.; 3rd: Mykla Anderson, the Season Ticket

Best Martinis


"No matter when I go there, the drinks are excellent, along with the food and service. Just an excellent place to be!" — Karen T.

2nd: The Peacock Room at the Davenport; 3rd: Bistango; North Idaho Best: Brix

Best Sports Bar

Heroes & Legends

"I just love it because there's technology in there everywhere you go. You can even go to the bathroom and still follow the game. I like how clean it is. It's just a nice place to go after work. And I love that they've always been nonsmoking, even before the statewide ban." — Kellie A.

2nd: Swinging Doors; 3rd: Legends of Fire at Northern Quest Casino; North Idaho Best: Capone's

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