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Best of the Inland Northwest Reader's Choice - Urban Living

Best Spa

Spa Paradiso

"They treat you like a princess and you leave looking like a million bucks." — Barbara H.

2nd: Jaazz Salon; 3rd: Mosaic; North Idaho Best: The Highlands, Post Falls

Best Car Dealer

Wendle Motors

"Friendly people, huge inventory, great prices, nice service, great espresso and a kids play room." — Mary O.

2nd: Dave Smith; 3rd: Appleway

Best Clothing Store


"The main reason is because my sister-in-law works there. She and my brother wear the clothes, and I get to look at them — they are always nice and impressive." — Jeff M.

2nd: Macy's; 3rd: Ross

Best Gifts

Boo Radley's

"Boo Radley's does a really good job at organized chaos. I use the little toys I get there to dress up my cubicle at work; I wrap them around my computer, and my coworkers just dig it. I found a talking Homer Simpson doll, and coworkers come by just to press that button." — Eric H.

2nd: Hallmark; 3rd: Mel's

Best Bookstore


"The place is a Spokane treasure — a beautiful building, so unlike a chain. You can linger and enjoy." — Connie O.

2nd: Barnes & Noble; 3rd: Borders

Best Frame Shop


"It's expensive, so I don't do it often, but I am always very pleased with the way they treat their customers, and the frames are always very well done." — Pat C.

2nd: The Frame Shop; 3rd (tie): The Great Frame Up, Frame It Today

Best Natural Foods


"They carry stuff that's good for me, not just stuff that's available anywhere. It's as if they genuinely care about me and the planet I live on." — Mike E.

2nd: Fred Meyer; 3rd: Pilgrim's

Best Record/CD Store


"Their prices are good — that's just where we go to buy CDs. My mom goes to the one on Wellesley, and I go to the one in the Valley. I bought a Mariah Carey CD the last time I was there, but usually I listen to rap and R & B." — Jill H.

2nd: Best Buy; 3rd: 4,000 Holes; North Idaho Best: The Long Ear

Best Grocery Store


"I shop the the one at U-City because it's by my house — but it's my main grocery store because everyone in there is very friendly and because they have a good selection. They ask if they can help me out." — Kristi B.

2nd: Albertsons; 3rd: Safeway

Best New Business

Junebug Cafe

"Refreshing and completely novel concept catering to children and adults. Quality ingredients and an interesting menu. A business with a heart." — Lisa O.

2nd: The Service Station; 3rd: Hooters; North Idaho Best: All-American Cheesecake Cafe

Best Bank

Spokane Teacher's Credit Union

"The people there are wonderful, and they also do a lot for the community. I would still consider them a great company even if I didn't bank there." — Jessica A.

2nd: Bank of America; 3rd: Washington Trust

Best Antiques

Finders Keepers

"They take great care of us guys at any gift time. I always score points when my gifts come from them." — Steve C.

2nd: Vintage Rabbit; 3rd: Ruby Street Antiques; North Idaho Best: Wiggett's

Best All-Ages Hangout

Northtown Mall

"We go to the movies or score free Cinnabon samples. We hit Barnes & Noble to read Maxim. My girlfriend reads Cosmo Girl." — Jeff Z.

2nd: Fat Tuesday's; 3rd: River Park Square, Riverfront Park; North Idaho Best: Silverwood

Best Florist

Just Roses

"My husband is the one who gets the flowers, and he's happy with the service there. I am the recipient, and they are beautiful. When the boys had to get corsages at the last minute, they were very accommodating." — Donna K.

2nd: Liberty Park; 3rd: Peters and Sons; North Idaho Best: Hughes Florist, Post Falls

Best Furniture


"The things I've bought there have been really high-quality, and they have great customer service." — Ken B.

2nd: Mor; 3rd: Walker's

Best Casino

Northern Quest

"They have the best entertainment. It's so much fun to go there at night. I look forward to see who they bring to town next." — Phil K.

2nd: Coeur d'Alene Casino; 3rd: Two Rivers Casino

Best Place for a First Date

Riverfront Park

"Riverfront Park is great because it's so wide open. You can do a lot of things. It's comfortable. You don't have to stay in one place and look at someone." — Ginny A.

2nd: AMC River Park Square 20; 3rd: Manito Park; North Idaho Best: The Coeur d'Alene Boardwalk

Best Jewelry


"Been a customer for 26 years. Most honest, friendly and kind staff. They also have a great outreach to the community of needy people." — Judy D.

2nd: Jewelry Design Center; 3rd: Finders Keepers; North Idaho Best: Clark's

Best Hair Salon

Jaazz Salon

"I've been going to Jaazz for years. It is by far the best salon. I lived in Portland, and it reminds me of a big-city salon: high quality, good people and you are never unhappy." — Kate D.

2nd: Great Clips; 3rd: Blades; North Idaho Best: Salon Bella Dona

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