Best Of

Best place to watch the sun set

by Pia K. Hansen

High Drive

This category we did get a few smart answers, like "in my back yard" and "from my deck," but we're not sure you'd like all of Spokane to hang out in your back yard every night. Some suggested "from my bedroom" and others simply said "outdoors" (duh!). As for High Drive being the premier sunset viewing location, the only problem we anticipate is that you're rarely alone up there (we're sure the few lucky people who live there feel the same way). That doesn't really matter if all you are doing is watching the sun, but if the mood strikes and you feel like looking at something other than the sunset -- say your honey deep in the eyes, or wherever -- we'd recommend a more private spot. Maybe the reader who answered "from the back of my pickup truck" is onto something? Especially if the truck has a canopy.

Second place: Coeur d'Alene Lake

Third place: Cliff Drive

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