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Best Rural Restaurant

Best Rural Restaurant


Since 1982, the Harvester in Spangle has been proudly rural, beckoning from the road with "Restaurant" spelled out on the roof. But owners Brent and Melissa Bozarth, formerly of Ionic Burritos, brought their philosophy of fresh-and-handmade when they took over several years ago. "Everything is the freshest we can possibly get it," Brent says. Try the country-fried steak — big as a platter and often too much for two people to finish — or stop by on Saturday for prime rib, and know that whatever you order you're getting the real deal. (LW)

2nd PLACE: The Bistro at Klink's Resort; 3rd PLACE: Salty Dog Eatery, Deer Park; NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: The Snakepit at Enaville Resort

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