Betty Feves: The Earth Itself

Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art WSU
Betty Feves, Stacked Sculpture, late 1970s-early 1980s
Betty Feves: The Earth Itself presents loaned and promised works by significant yet under-recognized artist Betty Whiteman Feves (1918–1985). Feves belongs to a generation of groundbreaking artists who expanded the use of clay in art. Featuring a wide-range of art from across Feves’ career, the exhibition includes early figurative and architectural forms, functional wares, bonfire pots and large-scale sculpture. An advocate for living locally throughout her lifetime, Feves was committed to relentless experimentation with regionally-sourced materials. She created her own clay bodies and glazes from her immediate environment and the geology of the Columbia Basin provided a lifelong reservoir of inspiration. Her work continues to be exhibited nationally and internationally, and set the stage for clay to become the expressive medium it is today. Open Mon, Wed, Fri from 1-4 pm.

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