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Blackwater Prophet album fundraiser, Von the Baptist, Deer

Blackwater Prophet last performed together at Volume in June. After drummer Bryan Coats moved to Seattle, they didn’t know if they could continue. But as frontman Garrett Zanol said in a recent phone interview, the band (a 2014 Inlander Band to Watch) is too good to give up: “It’s worth the work of making it work long distance. So that’s really it. When the three of us get together we make music that I’ve never heard before. We make something that is rad and we know it.” While Zanol and bassist Nick “Beav” Parker rehearse on their own in Spokane, they’ve all been writing together across the state, sending riffs back and forth. Now they’re trying to release their third album, which is mostly written; they’re raising money for production costs. Playing together for the first time in more than seven months Saturday night, they host an album fundraiser event at the Big Dipper.

— Laura Johnson

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