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Re: “Between Man and Beast

Great article but I would like to add a few things

1) Up to the 80's women & children were also considered property: That changed. Man seems to always have to have something to have dominion over. The animals are the last of that stronghold. As a Native American it is ridiculous to me that there is even any debate as to IF animals have feelings or fears. I could've saved those researchers a ton of money... Stating the obvious with a study: oh that's new. They have spirits that are sacred, as sacred as any two legged.

2) Current child protection laws were modeled after the first animal cruelty laws. The animal cruelty laws we have now are becoming so Constitutionally deficient that they are nothing more then tools to harass people, yet very rarely if ever are they used to actually protect animals. I have a list of over 40 mills, & abuse situations right NOW & no one is doing anything, one lady is adopting kids from Haiti & using them for slave labor, she has 100's of animals, the children are not allowed to go to school & they are smack dab in the middle of the Aryan Nation in Stevens County so the Sheriff feels they are better of here then in Haiti & those little n****** should be glad to be here. In Seabeck there is a lady with at least 100 Chihuahuas in her basement. I just went & cleared out a mill with over 65 poodles that were still alive with a gun pointed at me, & the breeder & rescuer that went with me to help me: with the threat that if we didn't clear them out they'd all get a bullet in the head, & they'd dig a hole for all of them, we had to leave 3 horses who most certainly are dead now. That is just a fraction of the abuse & neglect here that goes unpunished.

3) The Ag-Gag laws in some effect did serve a purpose. The thing that grabs me is that the original ones had language that said filming couldn't be done for MONTHS, that the abuse had to be reported IMMEDIATELY, not saved up, spliced & edited to garner donations & for shock effect. What kind of human scum can sit & watch this horrific abuse, & do nothing, say nothing & just continue to go back day after day? IMO they are just as GUILTY as the abusers. Now that there is language to make any filming illegal I do not support them anymore, period.

4) Animal laws will have a hard time coming into the 21st century until we learn to value ALL animals, not just ones we so egotistically deem worthy of our protection. We think people in 3rd world countries are evil for eating cats & dogs, yet I'm pretty sure people from India view us the same way for eating cows. Meat is meat whether it is swine, bovine, rodent, fowl, or human. This again subscribes to my Native American beliefs... How can any animal who has lived a life of pain & misery, who died a brutal horrifying death, how can that meat be good for your body? The chemicals released just when they die are enough to make you sick.

5) I was a vegetarian but my Hashimoto's just about killed me so I had to go back to the dark side. I try to get by as minimally as possible & only eat meat about twice a week. I just can't buy it, I stand in the store with waves of grief & nausea washing over me in my head SCREAMING that this "BEEF" was a COW, a warm nosed being who probably watched her precious babies get hauled off to a crate to become "VEAL ~ BABY COW" or that this "PORK" was a PIG, a pig who was probably smarter then most people you will meet on any given day. So that brings me to this question. We "mask" the names of pigs & cows, yet chicken & turkey is sold by name. Why? Is it because we value them less? Do we rename the other tow to feel less guilt? Seriously think about it ~ Elk Bear, Moose, Cougar, Possum, Squirrel, Raccoon, if you eat it it goes by it's name but enter the film "Bambi" & all of a sudden Deer becomes "Venison"

6) I have to wonder how many people sat by & watched, pointed fingers & talked about this woman, without ever lifting a finger to help, or calling authorities. These situations don't happen overnight. I understand as a rescuer getting overwhelmed, about not being able to say no: At one point I had 19 dogs, for about 3 weeks. I spent most of my day & night, scrubbing floors kennels & dogs, & in a corner crying. I got help quickly because there was NO way this was healthy for any of us. The thing that broke my heart was not being able to give each one of them the attention they deserved, thank God I have some wonderful allies in the shelter & rescue world who quickly helped out & got the dogs fosters or took them in themselves. That being said I have went to peoples houses that have 12 dogs & the house is spotless, & the dogs are well mannered & happy thriving little beings. You give me any more then 4 dogs I lose my marbles. If you look at Erskines comments it is easy to see in a nutshell the mentality, she was just "about to" go buy litter & food, no one else could take care of the animals or understood them like she did, Spokanimal Spokane Humane, & SCRAPS, requires a fee, but I guarantee you IF they knew how many animals were there, & what the condition was they would've all waived the fees, but of course it was their fault for not taking them, & the famous "I was saving them from a worse fate". I believe she earnestly believes everything she told you in her heart. Until we catch up with mental health services in this state this is going to go on & the ones who can not speak will pay the cost

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Posted by Brandia Perez-Taamu on 04/30/2014 at 3:30 AM

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