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From the editor: Take the time to savor life

Do you have a story idea? Share it with Editor Anne McGregor at
Do you have a story idea? Share it with Editor Anne McGregor at

On the day of the photoshoot for our cover feature, mysterious and alluring scents mingled, floating through Inlander HQ. Everyone who passed by the white photo wall where the shoot was underway was captivated by the colorful flower arrangements and the charm and individuality of each of the carefully designed and packaged products — all of women-owned Inland Northwest businesses.

In the grand scheme of things, you can certainly get yourself cleaned up with commercially available products, but you might be missing an opportunity. In a 2011 study, researchers found that people who "flourish" tended to respond with "bigger boosts in positive emotions in response to everyday pleasant events." In other words, take time to savor and be grateful for little things in life — it really does lead to greater satisfaction in life.

In fact, happiness abounds in our story about local book clubs (page 29). Turns out, the pleasure of reading is multiplied when you share it with others. If you're yet not part of a book club, we have great tips on how to start your own, or find a local group to join.

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