Budget-friendly and ready to smoke, prerolls are one of the best ways to enjoy cannabis

Walking into a dispensary these days can be overwhelming. From labyrinthine bongs with multiple chambers and rigs you need to blast with a blowtorch to THC table salts and CBD-infused ointments, the world of cannabis is a lot more complex than it used to be.

Which is why it's important to take a moment to honor an old standby: the joint. Classic and simple, joints are an iconic part of cannabis culture — though personally I've never been much of a fan, until recently.

Prerolls have made me a believer and the trusty old joint has become my go-to when shopping for cannabis.

It starts with the name. They're prerolled. Who doesn't want professionally rolled perfection in a paper cone? It's especially great for me, someone who is not exactly the best at rolling my own. It's not just that convenience, though. Prerolls solve most of the issues I had with joints in the past.

As a cheapskate, rolling joints is a pretty wasteful way to consume cannabis. Even when you're not actively smoking it, the joint is going along on its own, burning away precious flower. With the explosion of the preroll market, though, you can now find 1-gram joints of good quality bud for $5. It's a lot easier to enjoy the sit-back-and-relax experience of a joint when you're not worried about the money vanishing into thin air when the joint's just hanging out in your hand.

The market has flipped on joints to the point that most stores now sell single-gram prerolls for a few dollars less than single grams of flower. If you're looking for value, buying in bulk is still the way to go.

But if you want just enough for one night, prerolls are as budget-friendly as it gets.

Versatile, too. The last time I bought a preroll I did so knowing full well I wouldn't smoke it as a joint, but rather open it up and use about a half-gram worth in my pipe. Absurd? Maybe. Unnecessary? Sure. But I was out of weed, wanted just a little and had a $5 bill in my pocket. Guess what. It worked great!

Ten years ago, I'd never think of cutting a joint open like that. Times have changed, for the better, even for an old stand-by like the joint. Or, rather, the preroll. ♦

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