'Business Casual,' Chromeo

Got a dance party planned? Grab this Chromeo record.


It's always good to know there’s dance music that doesn’t suck. Chromeo affirms that with their third record, Business Casual. It’s a challenge to listen to this album without at least bobbing your head, if not full-on strutting down the street. Though Chromeo does get a little Daft Punk-y at times, who says that’s a bad thing? Not me.  

“Night by Night” is a standalone party. It’s catchy, groovy and it’ll make you feel super cool while laughing at yourself for feeling that way. One line, “She says I’m not romantic/I say she’s too dramatic,” is what really did it for me, though. “Don’t Turn the Lights On” follows, and leaves your subconscious humming for hours after. And I don’t speak French, but that didn’t make “J’ai Claque La Porte” any less enjoyable for me.

What I’m trying to say is this: if you’re hosting a dance-off, you’ll want this in your arsenal.

DOWNLOAD: “Night by Night”


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