Buyer Beware

When the other shoe drops

It all began, recently, with a Craigslist post that a friend of mine shared on social media to a snowboard binding for sale in Minnesota. I bit. I read it and realized how creative and crazy some of these items for sale can be.

This one, in particular was for one binding. You got it. One right binding only.

It was a brand new binding that the gentleman selling explained, was for someone just like him. Only right footed. His snowboarding has changed a lot and he is "also short on cash" and needed to buy a pass. He only does one footer tricks so he didn't really need two "binders" anymore. He goes on to explain, "I keep my front foot strapped in but selling my back binding and he plans on just using a stomp pad instead.

His selling point?

All shops sell snowboard bindings in pairs so if you only need one, like him, it a deal you won't come by often. The topping on this Craigslist ad? He's open to partial trades too. He needs a vaporizer and new gloves. So if you fit into his Cinderella slipper for this one right footed binder, and have cash, a vape and gloves, this is a deal of the century.

Craigslist is a great way to get into a sport that has more ski bums probably because we are spending all of our cash on gear, passes and ski resort beers. Buyer beware as for those new to the sport can find themselves in to some vintage gear, that shops can't even work on any more.

On the flip side, you could also find hidden gems from people that have found the yellow brick road with gear hookups and utilize Craigslist to pay it forward. I really want to know if that left footed, vape smoking, gloveless, passless snowboarder found his perfect match. ♦

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Jen Forsyth

Jen Forsyth is the editor of the Snowlander series.