by Inlander Staff

Lynda Barry is so No. 1!!!! -- Listen up folks. Here in the Bin, our heads are just about ready to explode with excitement. We already told you about next April's Get Lit! and how the featured speakers are David Sedaris, Terry Tempest Williams and the poet laureate of the U.S., Billy Collins, right? Well, we just got word that they've added a fourth speaker, and it's one Bin-beloved Lynda Barry!

Barry has just published her latest literary comic book/"autobifictionalography"/art collage collection, One Hundred Demons to rave reviews (including a surprising inclusion in Time magazine), and while she's had a huge and loyal cult following for years, we suspect she might be on the verge of big-time success. In fact, people are still talking about her Oct. 1 appearance on NPR's Talk of the Nation as well as her hilarious, irreverent and poignant talk at the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association conference in Portland last month.

When she's here, will she narrate her comic book while they show each panel on a projector? Will she read some Fred Milton Beat Poodle poetry? Will she talk like the gifted and ebullient Marlys, who uses multiple exclamation marks to make her point?!!! We don't know, but we're sure it's going to be a definite high point in a weekend that will go down as Spokane's biggest literary event ever. Intrigued? Check out Lynda Barry's art at (click on the "Now back to your regularly scheduled program" bar).

Are you a Libra? -- In one of those weird "only in the Inland Northwest" coincidences, reader Lydia Garcia was checking in on last week's Free Will astrology when she came across a familiar name, right in the first sentence of the Libra scope. Rob Breszny described Evelyn Glennie as "one of the world's most renowned solo percussionists" and also, that she's "profoundly deaf." His point was that Libras should follow Glennie's example and not let anything stand in the way of their dreams, but the Spokane Symphony has an even better idea. Glennie is scheduled to perform with the symphony on Oct. 30, and Marketing Director Annie Matlow says she will give all Libras a 15 percent discount on tickets to the concert. We kind of like this idea and hope it paves the way for future zodiac discounts -- perhaps a Beethoven's Birthday discount for Sagittarians, or a Pisces special on Christoph Eschenbach's "Old and Lost Rivers"? We'll keep you posted. Call: 624-1200.

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