by Inlander Staff

They're Here! -- The Buzz Bin received a press release the other day from our friends over at Qwest, advising us of an upcoming "photo opportunity." Intrigued, we learned that "thousands of new QwestDex telephone directories are stacked at a temporary distribution station, and workers are loading vehicles with the directories for distribution to residents and businesses." Your trusty Buzz Bin reporters know a good story when we see one, and we ran to our editor, shouting "The new phone books are here! The new phone books are here!" and begging him to let us go track down this breaking story. He shook his head and told us to go back to work.

Unperturbed, we continued studying this press release and learned that a total of 364,000 phone books were ready for delivery, and that some of the hot features include color-coded pages (we like the red-and-white checked tablecloth motif for restaurants) and new "categories tip boxes," which list "headings of related topics to help residents easily expand their search." Our favorite thing, though, would have to be the announcement of a new and improved 911 page. Qwest has moved this page from the middle of the book to the front. It must be a comfort to those folks who are forever asking "What's that number that you call when you're having an emergency... ?"

Coming Up Roses -- In its quest to become a recognized regional theater, Interplayers is bringing in new designers, new directors and new actors this season. One good sign is the effort to bring in experienced union actors to fill central roles in upcoming shows like God's Man in Texas and Watch on the Rhine -- though Producing Artistic Director Robin Stanton is still waiting for confirmation on some contracts from Actors Equity. Still, it's quite a rebound for a theater whose outlook appeared bleak back in April. We've overheard a lot of well-deserved compliments directed toward marketing director Grant Smith for being the point man on a major fundraising effort.

Brain Food -- We're hoping it doesn't show, but this was quite the week for potential meltdowns here in the Buzz Bin. Yet, in the immortal words of Barry Manilow, it "looks like we made it." Helping us get your Fall Arts Preview issue to you in a timely manner are the following food and drink purveyors, on whose products your hardworking Inlander staff lived this weekend: Vanilla Coke, Sour Skittles, Hershey's, Reese's, Paul Newman's Organic Microwave Popcorn, Combo's "Pretzel Snacks," beef jerky, the wine growers of Washington, and, of course, the Rocket Bakery, Starbucks and Quinn's. Thanks to all!

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