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Spader Watch 2003 -- By now you've probably heard the news: North by Northwest Entertainment -- those fine folks who brought you The Basket -- are going to be working on another feature film set right here in the Inland Northwest. Directed by Rich Cowan, Mainline is a whodunnit thriller starring James Spader, Aidan Quinn, Peter Coyote and Robin Tunney. For Quinn, Spokane is old hat, considering that he spent the summer of 1992 here -- along with Johnny Depp and Mary Stuart Masterson -- filming Benny & amp; Joon. But Spader, that oh-so-snaky Spader, has never been here before. While the press release lists such Spader movie credits as Pretty in Pink, Wall Street, Stargate and Sex, Lies and Videotape, we can't help but notice that they left off some of Spader's more guilty pleasure-type cinematic moments. What about White Palace, we wondered. Or how about Mannequin, Dream Lover, Crash, or the made-for-TV movie Cocaine: One Man's Seduction. They even neglected to mention one of our fave indie films of last year, Secretary. But we're not here to quibble, folks. We're mostly just curious as to how Spader might possibly amuse himself while in Spokane. Will he be spotted thoughtfully filling his basket with Odwalla bottles and Garden of Eatin' chips up at Huckleberry's? Will he make small talk with the locals as he jogs through Manito Park every morning? Or will he spend every free moment out at Stateline Showgirls?

The possibilities are endless. If you have any James Spader sightings, you know where to send 'em:

Ain't No Caterpillar Now -- Spokane Theatrical Group's production of the Holocaust drama I Never Saw Another Butterfly was named Best in Nation among 10 competitors at the national festival of the American Association of Community Theaters held in Torrington, Conn., last week. Director Troy Nickerson's production won half of the 10 awards presented. They went to actors Steve Anderson, Laura Kohler and Marianne McLaughlin; to costume designer Nanci Haskins; and to lighting designer Brian Ritter. The awards are further confirmation of just how good amateur theater is here. Congrats to all!

Park Place -- We locals might sometimes be guilty of taking it for granted, but our Riverfront Park just won a national award for being a "21st-Century American Heritage Park." As a model of both recreation and conservation, Riverfront Park was chosen as one of 10 winning parks out of 39,000 parks nationwide. The award is handed out by Americans for Our Heritage and Recreation, a group that includes conservationists, park and recreation specialists, historic preservationists, civic groups, recreation industries and more. So next time you're down at the park, be sure to whisper "Way to go, buddy!"

Publication date: 07/03/03

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