by Inlander Staff

Love Finds Andy Hardy -- In fact, love has found Andy Hardy (Mickey Rooney) at least eight times. And that's only counting the marriages. But the eighth one is, in Rooney's own words, "a keeper," and this weekend Mickey and Jan Chamberlain Rooney are coming to the Northern Quest Casino for two sold-out performances.

The 83-year-old, who first found stardom as Judge Hardy's impetuous, manic son in numerous "Andy Hardy" comedies, has gone on to appear in everything from Breakfast at Tiffany's (in an awfully embarrassing role by today's standards) to The Black Stallion and the made-for-TV tearjerker Bill. Now he's touring all over the country singing old jazz standards and popular show tunes. Not surprisingly, his wife often performs songs by Rooney's most famous former co-star, Judy Garland, as well as some Patsy Cline numbers. But even though the shows are sold out, the Rooneys will be in town for most of the weekend. Keep an eye out!

It's a Wiggly Wiggly World -- We've got to admit, we didn't know what to think when everyone kept talking about "the Wiggles?" Was it food, we wondered? A political group? A nasty skin disease? Our friends with small children finally set us straight -- the Wiggles are actually a quartet of fun-loving gents from Australia, and they're the hottest thing to hit children's programming since the Teletubbies. Like the Tubbies, the Wiggles are four in number, have cute quasi-British accents (Australian, actually) and are easily identified by a trademark color. Unlike the Tubbies, the Wiggles speak in complete sentences and have no discernable head-top antennae.

The Wiggles are also hell-bent on world-domination, and to achieve this end, they're sending one of their emissaries, the green and yellow Dorothy the Dinosaur, to the Inland Northwest tonight (Thursday, Sept. 25). While the Wiggles themselves will NOT be in attendance, Dorothy will be joined by her pals Henry the Octopus, Wags the Dog and Captain Feathersword. For last minute tix, call 325-SEAT.

Hosted by Hostess -- Judging from the long, long line for the Twinkie-decorating, Twinkie-stacking and Twinkie-parachute-construction tables at the MAC on Saturday, the museum made a lot of new fans -- and they weren't all kids. One Binster spoke with a woman who was gazing up at the wood-beam ceiling in the MAC's dramatic foyer while standing in line for the Twinkie fishing pond, remarking that she'd never been to the MAC before. Seems like a very interesting and cool place, she said. And indeed, it is. For just $5, entire families got to take in all the lunch boxes -- Star Wars, the Monkees, the Brady Bunch -- along with Greg Barsamian's weird strobe-light sculptures. All that, and Twinkies, too.

Publication date: 09/25/03

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