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Ocho de Mayo -- You wouldn't know it from all the liquor-sponsored advertising plastering the windows of our local bars, but Cinco de Mayo is more than just an early spring celebration in honor of half-priced shots of Cuervo. In many communities, Cinco de Mayo is also a day to celebrate Hispanic cultural heritage. Finally, the Inland Northwest is following suit. The first annual Hispanic Culture Festival, La Fiesta/Cinco de Mayo takes place on Saturday, May 8, from noon to 8 pm at the Post Falls Greyhound Park. On board, festivity-wise, are live music and dancing, including Tejano bands from Wenatchee and Moses Lake, food booths, Latin arts and crafts, and even pi & ntilde;ata-bashing for the ninos.

What a Trippy Musical -- Psychedelic rock, "be-ins," draft card burnings, flower children, drug trips, hippies (here in Spokane, alas, of the non-naked variety), songs entitled "Hashish" and "Hair" (not to mention "Easy To Be Hard" and "Let the Sun Shine In") -- it truly was "The Age of Aquarius" when the rock-opera phenomenon known as Hair ran in New York for five consecutive seasons. Spokane Civic Theater, as the finale of its Reading Stage series celebrating the 1967-68 Broadway season, presents a cast of 23 in a concert version of Hair on Saturday night at 7 pm on the Main Stage. Ticket prices are exactly what they were for the original production: $11. Call 325-2507. As long as you don't hurt anyone, do whatever feels good. Peace.

Keep Your Pants On -- Longtime supporters of Interplayers and owners of Europa, the Garden Grill and the Wall Street Diner, Dennis and Janice Maas are stepping up to the fund-raising plate for the theater with a Martini Dinner and Silent Auction on Saturday, May 1, from 6-9:30 pm. Each of the five courses -- French onion soup, smoked duck strudel, Ahi tuna salad, rack of lamb, coffee and dessert -- will be accompanied by a mini-martini. Tickets: $55 per person. Call 326-7741 or stop by the Garden Grill at 3022 N. Division. All attendees are required to wear underpants.

Mitts off Our Mammoth! -- Some people just never learned from, say, Jurassic Park. The Raelian movement ("the world's largest Atheist, non-profit UFO related organization," their Web site proudly proclaims) is now looking to raise cloned wooly mammoths in Valcourt, Quebec. Their recent press release on the matter says nothing about the fact that the modern world is really no place for a wooly mammoth, nor do they explain why they picked Valcourt, which is only a 90-minute drive from Montreal. All we know is that the mammoth they want to clone was discovered in Siberia, and is not, thank God, our own resident fossilized Palouse mammoth. n

Publication date: 04/29/04

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