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Back in Bach -- Don't Forget! There are still three more concerts left in the 26th Annual Northwest Bach Festival, including Friday night's "Music as Foreign Policy" at the Met, Saturday's performance of the Brandenburg Concerto No. 4, at First Presbyterian Church, and "Anna Magdalena's Notebook" on Sunday afternoon at Mary Queen Catholic Church in Hillyard. And in case you needed any extra motivation -- yeah, like J.S. Bach isn't quite good enough for ya -- we've just learned that harpsichordist Ilton Wjuniski's long-awaited CD of Bach compositions is hot off the press and will be available at all three remaining concerts. Also, this week marks the 20th year of Wjuniski's longtime collaboration with Germany's Michael Faust on flute. Internationally renowned and respected by Bach fans and scholars, Wjuniski and Faust are just two examples of why we're so lucky to have the Bach Festival here!

Hendryx, Redux -- Change of plans, kids! If you marked your calendars to attend our Short Fiction Contest winner Michael Hendryx's reading on Feb. 9, just take out the ol' Sharpie and move your plans to March 15 at 7:30 pm. Due to a glitch, Auntie's had already booked another author. It happens. But we'll be there on March 15 to honor Michael and hear him read from his winning story "Counting Zeros." See you there!

Unofficially Yours -- While you're out doing the Visual Arts Tour this Friday night, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the... unexpected. Here in the Bin, we've heard a flurry of whispered buzz concerning some mysterious doings around the intersection of First and Monroe. In addition to all the official Arts Tour venues (helpfully laid out for you in the Visual Arts Tour section starting on page 33), there are occasionally a few "surprise" sights to be seen. You might wanna glance up at the movie screen-like sides of the Fox Theatre if you're in the neighborhood. Just a suggestion...

Goal! -- Congratulations go out to former Chiefs hockey players Brent Thurston and Randy Favaro, both appearing on the big screen this Friday in Disney's Miracle, the true story of the American hockey team at the 1980 Olympic Games. Thurston and Favaro play Russian players Alexander Maltsev and Sergei Makarov, and reportedly had to learn more than 80 plays as they unfolded during the history-making Cold War match. Nice work, guys!

Red, Red Wine -- It goes without saying that we Binsters like our wine, and lots of it. Which is why we were pleased to hear that Arbor Crest was recently named one of "50 Great Producers Every Wine Lover Should Know" in the Jan. 31 issue of Wine Spectator. Congrats!

Publication date: 02/05/04

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