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From Moscow to the Met -- Mark Spain has probably handled more leather and lace than Stevie Nicks and Prince combined. The U of I graduate was reputedly given "a mile and a half of leather" -- (err... rowr!) -- to use for costumes for the Seattle Opera's production of Wagner's Ring Cycle. As costume designer for the Idaho Repertory Theater, he's crafted everything from fine millinery to armor. Now Spain is preparing to head to New York, where he'll be managing costumes for the Metropolitan Opera in Lincoln Center. One of his first gigs, in fact, will be Mozart's The Magic Flute, under the direction of Julie "The Lion King" Taymor. Congrats, Mark!

Total Knockout! -- Guys, you might wanna be careful about approaching the cute muscular female stranger at the end of the bar in the next week or so. She might be capable of delivering a sucker punch you -- and your tender jaw muscles -- won't soon forget. Starting July 27 and continuing for five days, the Everlast 2004 Women's National Boxing Championships are taking place right here at the Spokane Fairgrounds and featuring amateur women boxers from all over the United States. For tickets to the Women's National Boxing Championships, call 325-SEAT or visit

From "Hi" to "Bye" -- While some people prefer the old-fashioned rituals of courtship (asking out strangers, meeting people in bars, stalking one's crush), for others, such time-consuming methods leave a lot to be desired. Enter "Speed Dating," the answer for those with short attention spans, busy jobs or the desire to meet lots of people in a tiny window of time. The Coeur d'Alene Casino is sponsoring a Speed Dating night next Wednesday at 6 pm. All of the variety, none of the fuss. And who knows, maybe you'll find someone who shares your passion for penny slots and buffet style Prime Rib...

Ringing Kettles -- Here in the Bin, nothing upsets us more than the words "Christmas in July." Perhaps it's our deep-seated aversion to any combination of red-and-green, perhaps it's the notion of mandatory Family Time in the hot-n-itchy months, but the very idea can send us to our Scotch-and-waters faster than a missed deadline. Still, every now and then "Christmas in July" can be for a damn good cause, as is the case with the upcoming "Christmas in July" drive for the Salvation Army. More than 300 local businesses are taking part with "Kettle Kubes" in offices and staff rooms, and event organizers are hoping to raise enough money to help the Salvation Army keep their much needed programs running throughout the year. For more information, call 329-2726.

Publication date: 07/22/04

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