by Inlander Staff & r & On the 7th Day, They Flamed & r & Even non-theatrical Muggles might enjoy the soap opera that "Stage Thrust" has become. After just one week, our & lt;a href="" & new blog & lt;/a & centered on Spokane theater was beset by so much bickering that we had to suspend all comment-posting privileges temporarily until cooler (and less theatrical?) heads prevailed.

Last Friday afternoon, both Inlander HQ and at least two local directors were swamped by phone calls. Who were the anonymous trolls? Could a fragile local theater community withstand this much flaming gossip?

Browsing snarky comments is fine as a guilty pleasure, but it can also have unintended consequences. As a result, we're looking into multiple options for filtering out unacceptable comments.

People say theater is a dying art, that nobody cares. Oh, they care.

The Straight Dope & r & Darren McCrea, founder of Spocannabis, the only medical-marijuana dispensary in Eastern Washington, is featured in the October issue of High Times (on the cover: "Canada's Best Pot," "Top 10 Stoner Colleges"). Arrested in February for possession of a pound of medi-pot, McCrea has chosen to ignore an offer of leniency and fight the good fight in the Washington state courts. For what -- to achieve meaningful social change and acceptance of cannabis' medicinal uses? He must be smokin' somethin'.

Showing Their Support & r & The parent company of Covey Run Vineyards of Woodinville, Wash., has donated $50,000 to Operation Gratitude, an effort to "send care packages of snacks, entertainment items and expressions of support" to troops who are overseas this holiday season. Visit

Touch His Noodly Appendage & r & In June, Oregon State University grad Bobby Henderson reasoned that, if the Kansas State Board of Education was going to allow intelligent design to be taught alongside evolution, then they'd darn well better let his own religious beliefs about the origin of the universe be examined in schools as well.

Henderson calls his religion "Flying Spaghetti Monsterism." Also known as "Pastafarianism," it is the belief that everything we know was created "by a clump of tangled spaghetti with two eyestalks, two meatballs, and noodly appendages."

Lest you think Henderson's case is without merit, you should know that three board of education members have sent Henderson written chuckles of support. They're part of the minority on the Kansas board who voted to keep religious beliefs out of science classrooms. And Pastafarians have spread their tentacles (whole-grain, of course) all over the Internet. Visit the & lt;a href="" & Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster & lt;/a & .

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