by Inlander Staff & r & Lewis and Clark Mania -- If you've been down to River Park Square recently, you've probably noticed the big circular walls and mini-History Channel Theatre installed right inside the entrance. Currently open for a six-week run on the main floor, "Discovering the Rivers of Lewis and Clark" depicts the Missouri, Yellowstone, Snake and Columbia Rivers as Lewis and Clark might have encountered them. A child-sized prow encourages kids to get on board and pretend navigating a wild river with the help of an equally child-sized spyglass. Stop by and learn how wild grizzlies once prowled the Great Plains (scary but true) and how the Columbia River was literally hopping with wild salmon before the Age of the Dams.

Also, this Friday marks the dedication of a rare steel silhouette display - also in honor of the Corps of Discovery Expedition - taking place in Dayton, Wash. More than 80 steel sculptures (including 37 people and 27 horses) have been erected east of Dayton near Patit Creek. The Corps of Discovery camped at this spot on May 2, 1806, as part of the "Forgotten Trail" leg of their return journey. For more info, visit

Here's the Scoop -- Ice cream lovers rejoice -- the Scoop, formerly owned and operated by the Shop on South Perry Street, is about to spread out. Recently acquired by the masterminds of Far West Billiards, Andrew Sackville-West and Patrick Sullivan, the Scoop still plans to offer up all the waffle-coned, chocolate-syruped goodness you can handle, but with a twist. In addition to their plans to open a "number of small, neighborhood-oriented ice cream shops throughout Spokane," they're also launching the "Scoop Truck," a replica of a 1965 International Harvester Metro delivery vehicle complete with a service window. It'll be available for special events, farmers' markets and regional festivals. For more information, call 535-7171.

Goodbye, Faithful Readers -- After seven years, I (your Buzz Bin editrix and managing editor, Sheri Boggs) am moving on to attend grad school in Seattle. I'll miss many things about Spokane (including the endless road construction and numerous sex scandals) but will miss most of all my wicked-smart colleagues here at the paper as well as the many arts organizations, cultural champions and outspoken readers who made my job such an entertaining, educational and thoroughly enjoyable adventure. It's been a thrill to watch Spokane grow from a town with few arts options into the kind of place where the local arts scene (especially the visual arts, KYRS and Get Lit) is doing all right for itself. Hats off to all you dreamers and artists, and thank you.

Grand Coulee Dam Laser Light Show @ Grand Coulee Dam Visitor Center

Through Sept. 30
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