by Inlander Staff & r & Fine Art and Road Trips & r & By day, we are all just cubicle hamsters spinning on the Man's big wheel; but if your dreams have you in leather and denim, "standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona, such a fine sight to see..." then consider springing out of here for a fine arts tour in the sunny Southwest.

The Northwest Museum of Arts & amp; Culture has organized a five-day "Culture Quest" that includes guided tours of art museums in Scottsdale and Phoenix, an arts festival in Tempe, an arts village in Sedona, and a couple of Frank Lloyd Wright structures including Taliesin West.

Slots are still available for the Nov. 30-Dec.4 tour. The cost of the Nov. 30-Dec. 4, tour, which includes airfare, lodging, admission, ground transport and some meals, is in the $1,000 range. For details, call Joyce Cameron at the MAC at 363-5323.

With "plenty of free time to explore and relax," you can stand on that corner as your own work of art. Oh, sister, what a fine sight.

Let's Put On A Show! & r & At the Symphony's tribute to Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland on Saturday night, conductor Morihiko Nakahara often looked like he was ready to dance right off the podium. At times, Shauna Hicks sounded eerily like Garland herself -- and she and Jeff Harnar have even performed the show privately for Liza Minelli. Many in the audience remembered the Garland-Rooney movies of the '40s, but the performances were upbeat enough to entertain even those of us who only recall the reruns.

Family Museum Fun & r & At the "Family MAC Fest" this Saturday from noon-3 pm, families can get in for $10, and kids can make maps and fur trade items, enjoy historical re-enactments, use GPS to find buried treasure on the grounds -- and, at 3:30 pm, enjoy York, a one-man play about the Lewis and Clark saga. Call 456-3931.

Lincoln v. Dems, Miers & r & Abraham Lincoln appointed five men to the Supreme Court, including Salmon P. Chase as Chief Justice. During the confirmation process, Lincoln explained that "we cannot ask a man what he will do, and if we should, and he should answer us, we should despise him for it. Therefore we must take a man whose opinions are known."

Even a man who won't clarify his opinions? Even a woman who has no judicial opinions?

There's Snow! & r & The first flakes of the ski season have fallen at 45 Degrees North. Take a look at & lt;a href="" & their web cam & lt;/a & , which updates every 15 minutes. With La Nina and El Nino predicted to take a break, local ski and snowboard resorts should certainly accumulate a lot more snow than they did last winter.

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