by Inlander Staff & r & Scarf and Be Fit & r & Our foursome at Pig Out consumed two cartons of Oriental noodles, a broccoli-and-sour-cream baked potato, a carne asada plate with rice and beans, a giant corn dog, two lemonades, two diet Pepsis, a large piece of chocolate cake, an ice cream cone and an elephant ear. And two of us were little girls.

Why did we eat so daintily? Because we're in training for, um ... next year at Pig Out.

Symphonic Notes & r & Snapshots from the Labor Day concert by the Spokane Symphony Orchestra at Comstock Park:

Long lines at the Kiwanis food booth and at the David's Pizza Emergency Response truck.

Tostitos and pizza at one picnic; flatbread and pasta salad at another.

"What kind of wine did you bring?" inquired one fellow draped lazily over a lawn chair.

"It's a Sangiovese," came the reply.

Lawn-chair guy snapped to his feet and extended his wineglass.

Foursomes were arranged around five card tables 120 yards from the stage, playing some intense gin rummy.

Soon the SSO was launching into the opening work, a medley from Bizet's Carmen.

Eckart Preu made a big deal of providing a "sneak preview" of an upcoming Classics concert, then turned and solemnly led the Symphony in the first four notes of Beethoven's Fifth.

That was all -- just the first four notes. If we wanted to hear more, he joked, we'd just have to be at the Opera House on Oct. 14.

Mid-concert, walking back to our car through a deserted park, we noticed a dozen people in lawn chairs in front of a private residence blocks away from the band shell and behind it -- sitting quietly, listening. They could hear just fine.

Brush Up on Idaho History & r & On Sunday, Sept. 11, from 10 am-5 pm, seven local history museums in the Kellogg/Wallace/Mullan/Murray, Idaho, area will be open with free admission. Visit or call (208) 786-4141.

Still Roasting & r & Sorry for a miscue in last week's Fresh & amp; Tasty food column, in which we referred to the "former" 4 Seasons Coffee location. Yes, Cabin Coffee is pulling the espresso at the Howard Street location, but 4 Seasons is still there selling freshly roasted beans and lots of unique gifts. It is true that 4 Seasons, which is the region's oldest roaster, has become a supplier instead of a vendor: You can try their blends at Luigi's and the new Caf & eacute; Marron, to name just a couple of places.

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