Makin' Us Beg for Mercy

Rap star 50 Cent was asked about his impressions of the shooting location for the upcoming film Home of the Brave. Hear what Fiddy said:

"Have any of you been to Spokane, Washington, before? Try not to ever go to Spokane, Washington. It was so quiet, when they would say 'Cut," you just wanna say, 'Wait, can we just try that one more time?' Because it's only like 6 o'clock and we were going to be there and I am going to go back to the hotel and do nothing. It worked out though, it gave me plenty of time to be focused on everything else that I had to do."

Well, Mr. Curtis James Jackson III, we sincerely hope that what you've been focused on is enrolling in drama classes -- because judging from the box office on your movie Get Rich or Die Tryin', dog can't act.

Elementary Additives

Red Robin wants kids to develop a taste for their gourmet burgers, so the company sponsors an annual contest soliciting burger recipes from elementary school students. This year, 16,000 kids sent in their ideas. Ten-year-old Anthony Graham of Spokane, for example, sent in his design for an Italian Sausage and Pepper Burger, with thin-sliced sausage on a beef patty topped with saut & eacute;ed green peppers, onions and tomatoes and served on garlic toast. Anthony's recipe was one of just 50 that will be printed in next summer's Red Robin cookbook. Sounds to us as if Anthony is already way past whatever they could teach him at McDonald's University.

Doing What She Loves

Lorinda Knight and her eponymous gallery were featured in a Dec. 14 New York Times business story about turning one's passion into something profitable. If you've wanted to open your own arts and entertainment-related business and plan "to get around to it someday," then Knight could be your inspiration: She's had to dip into her savings and be very patient during the 10 years her gallery has been open, but now it's one of the mainstays of the Davenport District. Efforts like Knight's get noticed even by the East Coast cognoscenti.

Must Enjoy Vociferous Parents

Wanna be on the Spokane Public Schools board of directors? There's an opening. Get your cover letter and resume in by Jan. 5. Visit or call 354-7364.

Pulp Christmas

It's worth searching out at YouTube: adorable Yuletide figurines enacting Tarantino scenes. Our fave? A snowman and a black baby Jesus recreate the John Travolta-Samuel L. Jackson conversation from Pulp Fiction about the legality of hash.

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