by Inlander Staff & r & & r & New Charity-Filled Crusts! & r & During Valentine's season, young lovers' thoughts turn to ... pepperoni? In the run-up to the big day (Feb. 10-14), buy your little snookums a heart-shaped pie at Boston Pizza, 14004 E. Indiana Ave., and the Bostonians will donate a buck to the Shriners Hospital. You eat, you kiss, some kid gets healed -- it's enough to melt the mozzarella and your heart. Call 927-4284 or 455-7844.

Go Goth & r & This Sunday, you can have a Gothic experience while dispensing with all that cumbersome black clothing and makeup. On Feb. 12 at St. John's Cathedral, there'll be an open house from 1-4 pm, followed by a Choral Evensong Candlelight Service at 4 pm with choir and organ and the entire meditative atmosphere. The Cathedral Choir will sing medieval texts associated with York Minster Cathedral, and then organist Janet Satre Ahrend will play a toccata based on a 17th-century chant. Donations requested. Call 838-4277.

Logorrhea & r & The GSL needs a new logo. The present one has an outline of Washington state superimposed on the giant letters G-S-L, with "Greater Spokane League" arching above and 11 stars arching below. The word "Activities" stretches across the state map from Centralia to Pullman. A star with the number 8 on it, located roughly where Spokane would be, adds to the insignia's numerological mysteries. (Eleven schools? Star 8? Southern part of the North Division?)

Anyway, they need a new one, and you're just the person to design it. E-mail your escutcheon -- we're thinking a marmot en couchant, gules, quartered on a field, azure, with lots of fleur-de-lis thingies thrown in -- to by March 1, and you just might win $250 in athletic apparel. With special logos. Which you can point out and say, "Yeah, I designed that."

Romance and Roses & r & Allegro Baroque and Beyond offers a Viennese Ball experience for Valentine's Day. In the elegant atmosphere of the Kirtland Cutter-designed Spokane Club, 1002 W. Riverside Ave., not only will there will be champagne and Viennese desserts, but you can even get a quick lesson in how to do the Viennese waltz. Dress for this Viennese Ball is black tie/white tie and gown, so we're pretty sure that jeans, Hawaiian shirts and Beach Boys music will be met with dour Viennese frowns. Festivities commence on Saturday, Feb. 11, at 8 pm and continue until you turn into a pumpkin. Tickets: $100; $50 additional for a Spokane Club dinner. Visit or call 455-6865.

Spokane's Juneteenth Celebration @ East Central Community Center

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