by Inlander Staff & r & & r & Lutz the Jokes, Pal & r & The Stars on Ice figure skating show at the Arena on Friday night featured some impressive feats, like Jamie Sal & eacute; doing an airborne handstand -- on Brian Pelletier's forearm. Unfortunately, it also featured the cornball humor of Scott Hamilton, courtesy of four Smuckered-up video screens. Shut up and let the skaters skate, Scott.

Tuesday, Jan. 31, 5:37 am & r & The producers, directors, writers and actors have spoken -- and their guilds are among the most numerous contingents of those who vote on Oscar. So we're now taking bets. The nominations for Best Picture will go to five of the following six movies: Brokeback Mountain; Capote; Crash; Good Night, and Good Luck.; Munich; and Walk the Line. You heard it here.

Who's On First? & r & Last Friday night was the first First Friday of 2006 -- not to be confused with the last First Night. Despite glum weather, people left their cozy homes to take in the local visual arts scene. A steady stream of visitors flowed into the MAC to view Kathleen Cavender's latest ethereal landscapes, while further east on West First Avenue, patrons strolled among the galleries of the Davenport Arts District. A cup of joe and some live music at the Empyrean revived hearts and soles. It wasn't the busiest First Friday we've ever seen, but it looks like a tradition built to last.

A Pride of Gays & r & Even gay guys were surprised at how many gay guys turned out for Brokeback Mountain last weekend. Loitering outside the theater near a large group of gay couples after the 7:05 pm showing last weekend, one Binster witnessed a statuesque and impeccably dressed man leaving the theater who was struck dumb at the sight. After several seconds of shocked silence, his left hand clutching his breast, the man murmured, "daaaahhh-aamn" (sounding like Jeffrey Wright's Norman Arriaga in Angels in America). Rumors that dozens of people had walked out of screenings in Boston when Brokeback opened there had us worried about how it'd go over here. After a weekend of packed shows and buzzingly contented audiences, we say: So far, so good.

On a related note: To read Luke Baumgarten's counterpoint to Ed Symkus' less than positive review of Brokeback, check out

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