by Inlander Staff & r & & r & Upholding Past Upholstery & r & Hurrah for the red, brown and blue! (Those are the colors of the seats in the old Fox Theatre, now being refurbished.) If you've got a home theater or just a craving for some Spokane memorabilia, you can buy one of these plush velvet babies for just 25 bucks. Four hundred have already been sold -- 80 of which are going onto the Ione-to-Metaline Falls excursion train -- and just 200 are still available (at last report). Whether sold as singles or multiples, these Foxy seats are guaranteed to have been in contact with some pretty shapely and/or distinguished bottoms. Get yours by calling 326-3136 ext. 32.

Who's Stealing Their Souls? & r & If you remember our Nov. 18 story about the Anuak tribe of Ethiopia's Darfur region, you'll remember local photojournalist Rachel Havercroft's humanitarian efforts in that troubled area. She recorded images, for example, of little children who had witnessed massacres gathering in 110-degree heat just for the chance to learn English. In "Heart of Inspiration, Sudan and Kenya, February 2005," you'll be able to examine even more of her photographs. A slide show takes place on Friday, Jan. 27, at 6 pm at the Community Building, 35 W. Main Ave., where Havercroft's photographs will remain up until Feb. 28. Call 868-7927.

Raining on Hawks' Parade & r & He ponied up $100 million to build Qwest Field for his Seahawks. (Of course, taxpayers forked over much of the rest of the stadium's $430 million cost.) In a country where check-cashing joints are a growth industry, he's worth an estimated $20 billion. (That's 20,000 million dollars.) Paul Allen is not exactly one of us. Yet as The New York Times' Timothy Egan reports, "Allen has owned the team since 1997, and says few things now thrill him more than the chance to slap hands with middle-aged men in Seahawks blue hair and face paint." Of all the working-class guys in the town that named the original Skid Row, was Allen the absolute best choice for the flag-waving fan tribute bit before the Carolina game? Wouldn't it have been cooler to see Dave Krieg or 'Tez or Curt Warner or [fill in your favorite old Seahawk here]?

Music for Food & r & You can benefit the Spokane Valley Food Bank on Friday night by attending a concert at 7:30 pm at St. Joseph's Church, 4521 N. Arden St., Otis Orchards, Wash. After local musicians perform vocal and chamber works in the first half of the program, Kendall Feeney and Greg Presley will be featured on dual pianos -- and George Maupin will handle the Ogden Nash narration duties -- in Saint-Saens' Carnival of the Animals. Tickets: $10; $5, students; $25, families. Call 926-7133 or 226-9950.

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