by Inlander Staff & r & & r & Gendron Generates Art & r & Not only has he been invited to participate in New Mexico's Santa Fe Indian Market (one of the premier juried shows of Native American art), and not only is he showing at Tinman Artworks through May 27, but Ric Gendron will create an acrylic painting at 811 W. Garland Ave. this Saturday from noon-2 pm. And then he'll put it on sale. Call 325-1500.

Return of the Faithful Daughter & r & First she wrote Housekeeping, which is set in a fictional town based on Sandpoint. I mean, she's from Sandpoint. Then she wins a Pulitzer for a luminous, faith-filled novel called Gilead. Then she takes the trouble to fly out here from Iowa (where she teaches) to make a very well-received appearance at Get Lit! And still you missed her. (Conflicted with yoga class or your chiropractor or something.) So this is absolutely your last chance this year to hear Marilynne Robinson in person. Drive up to the Panida on Sunday afternoon (3 pm; donations requested; the drive will be pleasant) and enjoy this literary homecoming. Call (208) 263-9191.

Masterful Gardeners & r & You can spread the fertilizer of information on the fallow pastures of your gardening knowledge on Saturday, May 20, from 10 am-2 pm at the WSU-Spokane County Extension Education Center, 222 N. Havana St. If you have a yen to learn more about beekeeping, container gardening, cooking with herbs, gardening for those with physical limitations or (our favorite) composting techniques, this is the green-thumb confab for you. And it's free! Call 477-2048.

Fully Attended & r & Courtney Ramsey will soon graduate from North Central High without having missed a day of school. Ever. Not since the fall of 1993, back when Frasier and NYPD Blue premiered, back when Courtney started kindergarten. We're talking more than 2,300 consecutive days of school. Now, considering Courtney's perfectionistic tendencies and her 3.96 GPA, we're thinking that the typing teacher who gave her an A-minus has some 'splainin' to do.

Memo to employers experiencing high absenteeism rates: Courtney's resume is available upon request. As for all you slackers who call in sick a lot: That tapping noise is the sound of Courtney redecorating your cubicle.

Global Bathtub Filling Up & r & Ever wonder how much of your favorite coastal city will be inundated when all those Arctic icebergs melt? Check out the interactive zoom-in water-level maps at It's like having Al Gore ranting on replay in your ear bud.

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