Story Time

Remember when you were first reading chapter books, and you wished you could meet the characters, or at least the nice person who wrote the book?

No? Then you weren't the kid with his nose stuck in a book because you weren't any good at kickball and all the other kids made fun of you and stole your lunches and ... ahem.

Anyway, this Saturday, Nov. 11, from 2-4 pm, children can have their wishes granted by dropping by the Children's Corner Bookstore (in the skywalk just east of River Park Square) to meet local writers Beth Cooley, Claire Rudolf Murphy, Kelly Milner Halls, Kenn Nesbitt, Meghan Nuttall Sayres, Terry Bain, Sheree Bates, Deby Fredericks and Jan Stanley. Call 624-4820.

Be the Change You Wish To See

Next week is National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week. Three events take place Nov. 15-17 -- for the Shalom Ministries Hunger Awareness Forum, call 570-3951; for the Women's Hearth Awareness Walk, call 455-4249; for the House of Charity memorial dedication, call 624-7821. And there are numbers you can call to donate winter gear and sleeping bags (280-0506); kids' socks and underwear (326-1190 ext. 152); and diapers and baby wipes (624-9788). Visit

Spokane + Arts = Not an Oxymoron

Ya wanna know how to drive up attendance at your awards ceremony? Don't send out a press release revealing all the winners beforehand. Nice turnout at City Council Chambers on Monday night to applaud the efforts of Wendy Franklund Miller (City of Spokane Individual Artist Award), Spokane Symphony (Arts Organization), Bill Marlowe of the SFCC theater department (Arts in Education), Harriet and Bill Fix (Individual Benefactors), Sterling Savings Bank (Corporate Benefactor), Dan Spalding (Arts Community Leadership), and the Whitworth College Theater Department (the Bold Strokes Award).

Enacting Contrition

Turns out that the whole Catholic business of venial sins and penance and Purgatory is a lot like the board game "Chutes and Ladders." At least that's according to the strangely masculine nun who will run the Late Night Catechism classes on Nov. 9-11 at the Met. Tickets: $22-$26. Call 74-STAGE.

The Full Curtis

So you went to the MAC to see the photogravures by Edward S. Curtis, and now you'd like to know more? Well, the images came from the Spokane Public Library, which holds the full 20-volume set of books and portfolios that comprise Curtis' The North American Indian, published between 1907 and 1930. Take some time to examine the display cases by the Northwest Room entrance on the library's main floor. Call 444-5338.

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