The Sound of Your Voice

Luke Barats and Joe Bereta are at it again on YouTube, this time lip-synching over footage of chicken-dancing at a Barenaked Ladies concert in Everett and several snips of those Diet-Coke-and-Mentos pseudo-scientists at work. Plus some cheap but cool animation of Barenaked album covers. Visit

Tell a Man About Bach

The Bach Festival closed on a, well, festive note Sunday in the august Elizabethan Room at the Davenport. Guest soloists Olav Chris Henriksen on lute and Mark Kroll on harpsichord each took turns displaying their virtuosity on pieces by Weiss and Bach, bracketing a coffee-and-brownies intermission. The gracious afternoon concluded with Henriksen and Kroll being joined by cellist John Marshall for a finale by Telemann. The Blue Nuns in attendance enjoyed the show -- as did everyone else.

Can't Take Me Out

Your erudite and debonair arts editor may have committed a teensy gaffe the other night. It was his very first time inside Walt Worthy's new Davenport Tower, you see. He strolled up to a receptionist's station behind which were five -- count 'em, five -- helpful Davenport employees. "Can you tell me where the Safari Room is?" Five smiles froze, just perceptibly. "Yes, sir," answered one woman after a slight lull. She made a helpful gesture. "This is it."

Two minutes later, I noticed what was written in foot-tall letters on the front of the podium where she and I had been standing: "SAFARI ROOM."


Pride of Iolani

When you watch Coug basketball action in big games against the Ducks (Feb. 24) and the Bruins (March 1), look for shooting guard Derrick Low. That ankle-to-hip tattoo of his caught ESPN's attention this week, and it'll be a water-cooler topic, so here's a primer. A communications major, Low hit the books and took a test before deciding on a design that would communicate his Hawaiian heritage. The water symbol is for his Tahitian ancestors, while the triangles denote passages among the Hawaiian Islands. And the sharks? There are a few in his homeland's waters, and there's at least one playing for WSU whenever Low is on the court.

Witness to Wartime: The Painted Diary of Takuichi Fujii @ Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture

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