They're 120 in Bulldog Years & r & & r & Sometime in the next four months, wander up to the top of the Foley Center to see some memorabilia of GU's development from a small rural college. There's an 1881 letter from the citizens of Spokane Falls asking Father Cataldo to please, please build a college. There's a freshman beanie from 1954 (surely, a tradition worth reviving) and a film looping through a 1935 Zags-Cougs football game (which GU won 7-zip, though only the Washington State College highlights are shown -- typical of cameramen from Pullman). Call 323-3847.

Obey Orders

The Chad Mitchell Trio's trip down memory lane on Saturday night wound up firmly in the present when they got to their old favorite, "The John Birch Society." Turns out Wisconsin Rep. Dave Obey, who's a fan, slipped the trio some new lyrics, so the crowd was treated to one of the first-ever performances of "The George W. Bush Society." Cameramen were capturing the evening for a new DVD; we're waiting for that track to hit YouTube.

The Cheney Project

When a docudrama about the consequences of a homophobic hate crime in a small Western college town is performed nine years later in a small Western college town, does it have any consequences? StageWest's The Laramie Project will find out, with performances, Oct. 12-21, at Cheney City Hall, 609 Second St. Tickets: $10. Visit or call 235-4575.

Faith in Action

An advocate for the Maya, Quiche and other indigenous people who have been mistreated and even murdered in Guatemala will speak at Gonzaga's Globe Room in Cataldo Hall on Tuesday, Oct. 16, at 7 pm. Julia Esquivel, who was forced into exile (1980-92) for her humanitarian efforts, will share poems, stories and theological musings. A translator will be provided. Visit or write or call 535-1813.

Valley of the Brawls

Actors Repertory Theatre has reconstituted its board of directors with a couple of local theater luminaries, Nike Imoru and John Hofland, along with several others, including Michael Pearce, whose wife you may have heard of: Patty Duke. But don't let the board meetings get too contentious, folks. We want ARt to thrive.

Outdoor European Christmas Market @ McIntire Family Park

Fri., Dec. 3, 4-8 p.m. and Sat., Dec. 4, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
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