Potential Pulitzer Poems & r & & r & EWU creative writing professor Nance Van Winckel has learned that her new volume of poetry, No Starling, will be nominated to be considered as a finalist for the big award. She'll read from her most recent work on Friday at 7:30 pm at EWU's Riverpoint campus in downtown Spokane (in the Phase 1 Building auditorium). It's free. Call 359-4956.

Tobacco Growed

They're reporting in Charlotte that Adam Morrison slips in a pinch between his cheek and gum after every game and lights up the cancer sticks. Let's see ... the Bobcats play in North Carolina, right? So marketing tie-ins are a possibility. And we all know how smoking stunts the growth of ... facial hair. But after a season of 38 percent shooting from the floor, we'd want something to calm the nerves post-game, too.

Think Pink

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and you can learn more about breast cancer screening, treatment and research by watching any of the 40 programs running throughout the month on Comcast's On Demand cable service. If you have digital cable TV service, just order up the program you want from Comcast and watch free of additional charge. In case you're wondering why you should care, consider this: About 180,000 women (and about 1,800 men) each year are diagnosed with breast cancer in this country; about 42,000 die from the disease annually. Early detection is key to survival.

Irresponsible Media

If the MSM are run by corporate conglomerates, then our supposedly free press isn't protecting democracy but undermining it. Come watch a free documentary, Rich Media, Poor Democracy, next Thursday, Oct. 25, at 7 pm at the Magic Lantern, and then join the discussion afterwards. Visit www.nwresponsiblemedia.org or call 323-3578.

The Slip Jig Is Up

Step dancing, slip jigs, and pretty Irish lasses pounding the floor with "fast-moving, dead-accurate hard-shoe dancing" -- get in touch with your Irish heritage (or pretend you have one) at the Bing on Friday night at 7 pm, when the Haran Irish Dancers will perform with the Celtic Nots. Tickets: $15. Write charples@comcast.com or call 844-1119.

Norman Rockwell's America @ Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture

Tuesdays-Sundays. Continues through Jan. 12
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