by MICHAEL BOWEN & r & & r & Wrapping Himself in the Flag & r & & r & You know Ivar Haglund. He was the "flounder" of all those fish restaurants. Always telling over-excited people to "keep clam." A real card, that Ivar. Patriotic, too -- loved his Seattle-area Fourth of July fireworks displays. Loved 'em, I tell you.

So even though Ivar himself went "belly up" 23 years ago, his company is still sponsoring an art contest for Washington state students (ages 12-18). The due date is May 23; the goal is to submit a painting or drawing (by mail or e-mail) of a patriotic, Elliott Bay kind of scene.

One year, they had clams bursting in air. Visit for examples of previous winners. And if your fireworks ignite prematurely, folks, remember: Keep clam.

Chafing on Your Seat

Most mortals don't take off impulsively on 150-mile bike rides, so here's fair warning: Registration is now open for a fully supported, one-day, fundraising bicycle tour from Sandpoint into Montana and returning via Bonners Ferry. Just 120 bucks gets you into beautiful fall scenery and five gourmet food stops. The idea is to support childhood literacy programs in North Idaho. Visit or call (208) 290-7148.

Save Salmon, Then Eat Them

Author, fly fisher and wild salmon advocate David James Duncan addressed a Spokane Club luncheon on Tuesday, quoting Mother Teresa's call to "do small things with great love" -- and a sixth grader who said it's hard to talk to a hate-filled person about love without sounding mean. He spoke forcefully for the removal of four dams on the lower Snake River -- occasionally sounding mean, but mainly sounding passionate and poetic. In keeping with the theme, Chef Ray Delfino prepared a delicious lunch of grilled wild salmon with local lentils.

His Own Private Arms Race

You've got 10 days left to visit the MAC's Samuel Colt exhibit. And your position on the Second Amendment shouldn't affect your decision whether or not to go: Colt's story offers valuable lessons in marketing. He drove up French purchase orders for his repeating revolvers by telling Paris officials that the Germans had just ordered up a big shipment. Smart guy, that Sam.

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