Catching a light buzz is still possible in an age of ultra-dank weed. Here's how

Catching a light buzz is still possible in an age of ultra-dank weed. Here's how
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Try a sativa-dominant strain to catch a "calmer" high.

Sometimes all you need is a mild high, and sometimes achieving that is easier said than done.

A 2019 study from the University of Mississippi and National Institute on Drug Abuse, which tested more than 18,000 samples of marijuana, showed that over the previous decade the average THC concentration had risen from 8.9 percent to 17.1 percent. As legal growers have gotten better at growing the dankest weed possible, getting too stoned has gotten a bit too easy. But that doesn't mean the days of mild highs are behind us.

Here's a simple, three-step guide to dialing in that perfect, light buzz.

Choose the Proper Product

Greenhand on North Monroe currently offers two varieties of Blue Dream flower — a sativa-dominant strain which Leafly describes with words like "gently" and "calm" — one by Novo Dia and the other by the High Road. The latter packs a whopping punch with a THC concentration of 29.15 percent, over 10 percentage points higher than Novo Dia's.

It's the same strain, sure, but one puff of the High Road's version will take you a lot further than one puff of Novo Dia's. Thankfully, THC concentration for every product is measured and listed on the packaging. If you're unsure, ask the budtender to lead you to some less potent varieties of your preferred strains.

Use the Right Tools

When it comes to how you smoke your weed, your eyes are your best friend in the quest for the mild buzz. Here, bigger normally means higher. That massive bong with multiple percolators and labyrinthine glasswork? Steer clear. A dab rig complete with massive blowtorch? Absolutely not.

Stick with tools that limit your intake. One-hitters, low-voltage vape pens and small pipes are perfect. In this, it's better to be safe than sorry. There's no way to accidentally roast a whole bong bowl when using just a tiny amount of weed.

Know Your Tolerance

Finally, once you've picked your weed and are ready to smoke, you need to know yourself. A daily smoker will have a higher tolerance than a weekly smoker. Someone who likes two or three puffs off a vape, which produces a more clear-headed high, might do just fine with only one when smoking flower.

Also, consider what you'll be doing once you get stoned. Personally, my perfect buzz for relaxing at home could get a bit uncomfortable out in public. You can't measure set and setting like you can quantity and quality, but they're every bit as important. ♦

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