Caught Our Eye

Just a few items that jumped off the menu at us

Take a look at the burnt creme brulee from Tomato Street. - YOUNG KWAK
Young Kwak
Take a look at the burnt creme brulee from Tomato Street.


Post Street Ale House

Choose a Sampler Flight of 3 Micros of a Pint

Menu says: Pick from our featured Spokane breweries, including choices like 12-String’s G-String Blond, No-Li’ Brewing’s Wrecking Ball Imperial Stout or Wallace Brewing’s Red Light Irish Red.

We say: Beers count as appetizers, so go ahead.

Ripples Riverside Grill

Gorgonzola-Bacon Fresh Cut Fries

Menu says: Our fresh-cut russet fries topped with gorgonzola crumbles, bleu cheese sauce and crispy bacon bits.

We say: Ripples’ menu for Restaurant Week has some gems on it, but don’t overlook this seemingly simple first course.

Thai Bamboo

Butterfly Wontons

Menu says: Hand-rolled crabmeat and cream cheese wontons, deep-fried to a golden brown.

We say: Any meal that begins with wontons is a good one.



Sardinia Old-Fashioned Spaghetti

Menu says: Bacon, onions, garlic and wine sautéed with ground and link sausage, then simmered in our marinara sauce.

We say: Sometimes you need to go with a meal you know and love.


Chef Paloma’s Ribeye

Menu says: Hand cut from aged prime rib roast, basted with our garlic au jus and topped with onion rings. Served with a loaded baked potato and seasonal vegetables.

We say: You read that correctly — there are onion rings on top of this cut of meat. That’s true comfort food.

Windows of the Seasons

Seared Salmon

Menu says: Seared salmon on lobster risotto with wilted greens and lemon vinaigrette.

We say: Lucky for us, salmon is a classic in our region, but pairing it with a lobster risotto is definitely creative. And you get to eat it while enjoying Windows’ awesome view of the river.


Maggie’s South Hill Grill

Eggplant Parmesan

Menu says: Just that, “eggplant parmesan.”

We say: Maggie’s is a South Hill gem and a place that knows how to treat vegetarians right.

Saranac Public House


Menu says: House made vegan potato gnocchi tossed in warm thyme vinaigrette with a lemon cashew cream sauce.

We say: Not only is this creative take on pasta vegetarian, it’s also one of the only vegan options on the collective Restaurant Week menu.

Laguna Café

Laguna Shrooms

Menu says: Jumbo mushrooms stuffed with our house-made spinach artichoke stuffing topped with aged shaved Parmesan and served with house-made crostini.

We say: When a mushroom can become a savory appetizer like this, it’s a special occasion.


Hills’ Restaurant

Smoked Salmon Fettuccine

Menu says: Fresh pasta is the key, then add a generous amount of smoked Alaskan salmon, garlic, a little white wine, some rich cream, rooftop herbs and spices and it’s dinner.

We Say: Pasta and salmon? Why not?

Italia Trattoria

Pan Seared Golden Trout

Menu says: Smoky potato ragu, pancetta and warm spinach salad, capers, pine nut and sun-dried tomato sauce.

We say: If you haven’t been to this Browne’s Addition spot, this sounds like the perfect dish to make the introduction.

The Safari Room

Teriyaki Salmon Filet

Menu says: Pan-roasted wild Alaskan salmon filet topped with ginger teriyaki sauce served with rice and seasonal vegetables.

We Say: The Davenport’s family of restaurants know how to impart Northwest influences to their food, and this is as tasty an example of that as you’re likely to find.


Mustard Seed

Snickers Pie

Menu says: Chocolate, caramel and peanuts, just like the candy bar, only better!

We say: Pies are delicious and so are Snickers bars. There is no way this isn’t awesome.

Tomato Street

Burnt Creme Brulee

Menu says: Smooth sweet cream custard topped with caramelized sugar (gluten-free).

We say: A custardy dessert is a perfect complement to a hearty Italian meal.

Twigs (Five locations — Downtown, South Hill, Wandermere, North Side and Spokane Valley)

Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse Cake

Menu says: Crisp Oreo crust filled with a creamy peanut butter mousse, covered in a rich chocolate glaze with peanuts and whipped cream.

We say: The fact that there’s a Twigs in every corner of town makes this even more appealing.


Casper Fry

Josper Roasted ½ Chicken

Menu says: Comes with smoked potatoes, locally sourced vegetables and natural jus.

We say: Casper Fry made one of the biggest splashes of any newcomer to the Spokane dining scene last year and since opening, they’ve proved that chicken, however they happen to cook it, is their specialty.

Churchill’s Steakhouse

Braised Beef Short Ribs

Menu says: Braised and slow-roasted short ribs with root vegetables and mushrooms served in a rich demi-glace over wheat, barley and lintel pilaf.

We say: You’ll likely be tempted to go for the prime rib-eye also featured on the menu, but Churchill’s knows its way around a cut of beef and these ribs sound excellent.


Stuffed Chicken Breast (Gluten-Free)

Menu says: Pesto, fontina, roasted red peppers, bacon, mashed potatoes, lemon butter sauce.

We say: This chicken sounds amazingly succulent, and we recommend you pair it with one of Clover’s signature cocktails.

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