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Take Limp Bizkit and multiply both thrash and rap aspects of their sound by about a hundred and you'd still be nowhere close to the intensity of local band Five Foot Thick. While their stylings are similar to Bizkit, these boys take the genre to another level entirely. The only problem with their self-titled debut is that it will probably never land them a major record contract. Simply put, Circles is just a tad too extreme for mass consumption. With songs like "Mediafly," "Sex" and "Prozac," the band hits the lyrical and sonic extreme end of the spectrum with no apologies. If given the opportunity, Five Foot Thick could comfortably stand shoulder to shoulder with any mega star rap/metal outfit -- and shred most Korn/Bizkit derivations with ease.

The word on the street is, the band spent a lot of time, effort and cash to get these 13 cuts in the can. It shows -- in the ferocity of the performances and in the quality of the production, which is as sparkling, thick and pounding as anything springing from the major ranks these days. A real standout as far as locally produced music goes.

Those with delicate sensibilities and an aversion for the "F" word may want to steer clear of Circles. But for the curious, interested in what is possible on the local scene when chops, drive, ambition and adequate funding all fall into place at the same time, this baby is worth checking into.

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