I know it’s a cliché, but where did the time go? It seemed like just a moment ago it was summer fun and school time — and now we’re talking about the holidays? Of course, with all the tough financial news, it’s nice to focus on something positive. It is a time of year that should be less about what we spend and more about spending time with those we love. So for a good stress reliever, pop in a favorite movie and gather the family. Cook a healthy meal. You can find great heart-healthy recipes in the Sacred Heart cookbook called Heart Smart Living. Call Sacred Heart Medical Center Public Relations for a free copy (474-3081).

Nothing is better for our health or souls than meals cooked at home. With sports, school events, work — well, you get the idea — it’s a treat just to enjoy time together. But make it less of a treat and more of a habit. Studies show parents who eat with their kids have stronger relationships, and the kids do better in school, too. And let’s face it — one less fast-food hamburger or pizza to go has got to be better on the waistline.

And, of course, while thinking of meals, don’t forget Tom’s Turkey Drive! It’s Nov. 21-22 at all Spokane and Deer Park Rosauers locations.

Enjoy the holidays, enjoy each other, and above all — enjoy good health.

Nadine Woodward

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