Citizen Critiq-Jay & amp;amp; Silent Bob

by Anita Martello

Kevin Smith has given his fans a laugh-a-minute farewell to his "Jersey Trilogy." Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is the duo's fifth film. They have been pivotal, albeit small characters in all of his films since Clerks. But they have been the stars of their own comic book adventures, so it is no wonder that these comics provide the fuel for their movie.

The question everyone asks is, "Should I see this movie if I am not familiar with Kevin Smith's previous movies?" And of course the answer is, "Why aren't you familiar with his previous movies? He's funny, man. Get going, pop them in the VCR or DVD. Now."

Sure you can see JSBSB without seeing the other stuff (or even reading the comic books). But why? Because it's a road movie, that's why -- like Hope and Crosby or Martin and Lewis used to make every year or so. It's thin on plot -- with whole plotlines leading nowhere. And it's equally thin on character development -- caricature development would be a better description of what is going on here. But it's perfectly entertaining, with no moral or meaning. And it's done better than anybody else who is putting out a summer flick this year.

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